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You vs You

IMG_8760I wake up every morning to get my cardio in, some people don’t understand it and sometimes I don’t want to do it. While running this morning, I was thinking of all the reasons why I live the lifestyle I do, and how I can keep myself motivated. I’ll be honest, the main reason I started my fitness lifestyle was because I compared myself to others; I wanted to be like “the pretty girls,” I wanted to be as skinny as “the pretty girls” and not have to be embarrassed of my body. I don’t know why society makes us believe that, why girls look up to celebrities that are unhealthy, and give us the unrealistic image of what “healthy” and “pretty” really is.

My point is, Comparison is the thief of happiness, and I’m proud so say that I have a much better view on life and have evolved so much mentally and physically through my fitness journey. I now believe in the fact that it’s You vs Everyone Else You. I’ve realized that I can’t focus on what I can’t be; other people or have a different body, but I can focus on what I can become. I know that I can get stronger than I used to be, I know that I can get faster than I used to be. I think its important for everyone to realize how much they accomplish and see what they’ve achieved. In every aspect of life its You vs You; whether its being a better mom/dad/friend, getting all of your tasks done, playing in a game better than you did last time, trying something new, eating healthier, or being more appreciative. Where did this mentality come from? It’s always been in me- a gymnast at heart competes against herself to be better at her events- but I seemed to have let society take over until: Short story: In middle school I hated running and the only  reason I learned to like it was because I had to, my track coach made the distance girls run the mile and mile and a half meet. I went out for track to be with friends and everyone made the distance team, as long as they did what they were told. I remember telling my coach I couldn’t run the mile and a half, I was too tired or not “feeling well” haha, oh man, but she never let me skip it. I thank her for that discipline, for leading me to a new passion; running and competing against myself. After track ended, I continued to run on my own, I would race against myself by running longer distances and achieving shorter times. That was when I realized how important You vs You really is. It’s about being proud of personal accomplishments, seeing how far you’ve come and what you can make of yourself. Make a journal, see it visibly, or just reflect and think once a day. Did you do something better today than yesterday? What about this year compared to last year? Whenever I think about being critical of myself, I remember where I started and how much progress I’ve made and that keeps me going. I hope you find this post somewhat helpful and thought provoking, I hope you realize how great you really are and how important it is to be proud of your own accomplishments- big or small. Having a positive and healthy mindset is key to happiness; your glass is always half way full. 

And, if you were wondering; the reason I get up in the morning to run everyday is because it makes me stronger. It makes me better than I was yesterday. It builds my endurance. But most of all, it gives me clarity. I feel blessed that I was given the ability to run; its a true privilege because not all people can, and I make sure to use it. 


11 thoughts on “You vs You

  1. Truly Agree! Our biggest enemy is ourselves with excuses and excuses. There is no easy way but except you need to take the ladder step by step to reach your goal.

    1. i completely agree with the rainy cold days!! just remember how you feel afterward (: and the goals that you want to accomplish. that keeps me going (: thanks for checking my article out, have a great day!

  2. The first battle we must conquer is that with ourselves! Great post here as I think everyone can relate in his or her own way. And, bodies come in all shapes and sizes, being healthy and fit is attractive! You look great! So keep on keeping on! … oh and I too find myself on the treadmill some days at 5:30am. YUCK! (but I secretly kinda love it haha) :p

    1. hah! i know the exact same feeling. getting up and getting to it is the hardest part. Once you’re there its definitely worth it and you don’t have to think about it later in the day. Very true, once you’re happy with you’re self, its easier to live a happier/healthier lifestyle! I just started looking your posts, they’re super inspiring as well. Look forward to reading more 🙂 ..Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I also get up super early to go running in the mornings and in the beginning, it was so tempting to just turn off my alarm and stay in bed. But feeling strong and accomplishing something, especially when the rest of my family is still in bed, feels awesome! I love finding other people who are motivated like I am! Keep it up!

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