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Traveling Fit 101

I hope everyone has had a great start to their summer, it feels like time is moving so quickly- I water ocean beach paradise islands 1280x1024 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_29already finished my summer class! Now it’s time to relax and take in the natural vitamin d this season 🙂 Summer is the time many families travel and go to new places because they have time off, so I decided share my top tips to stay fit and healthy while being away from home! These tips are also just great ideas to do apply everyday, whether you’re traveling or not!

  1. Flying or Driving- Whether I’m flying or driving, I always make sure to pack healthy snacks while being traveling to my destination. Almonds are my go to because they’re the most satisfying, but others include: string cheese, low sugar protein and granola bars, skinny pop, apples and raw veggies. 
  2. Airport Food- Airports are filled with many places to grab healthy snacks and meals at. Usually I’ll grab a cup of coffee with skim milk with oatmeal or a  yogurt parfait from somewhere in the morning. If it’s in the afternoon, there are many vendors and restaurants that provide healthy grilled chicken salads and veggies. If you’re looking for snacks, go for the almonds or nut mixes at the shops to keep you satisfied. 
  3. shoppingHydration- During the summer I try to drink about one to two gallons of water a day. Yes it can be annoying to run to the bathroom all the time, but it’s extremely important to stay hydrated on vacations because you’re usually in a warm area and water helps you stay energized, less bloated –>the more you drink the less you will bloat, and keeps your body working properly. Hydration is extremely important if you’re drinking alcoholic beverages as well since alcohol is a diuretic. Read more here on why you should stay hydrated: HERE
  4. Set a Goal- Sign yourself up for a race! Or just make a promise to yourself that you want to be able to do _________(physical activity) or lose ____(#) pounds by a certain time. It will be easier to keep yourself accountable if you know you have something you’re working for and keep you on track.
  5. Tell Somebody-Tell a friend that you’re trying to lose weight or that you want to keep yourself from eating processed foods. They can help you reach your goals just like setting a goal, so you have a person to remind you and supporting you on your journey. 
  6. Alcohol- Alcohol has so many empty calories, however I know that vacations are when alcoholpeople splurge in this area. Just remember a glass of wine/one beer/one shot has approximately 100 calories each! Mixed drinks usually have even more because of all the added sugar, so try to limit yourself when you go out to keep your waistline where its at. Alcohol can contribute to major bloating and that awful feeling after, so theres another reason to drink less. *don’t forget to drink a glass of water, for every alcoholic drink you consume*
  7. Morning Workouts- One of the best changes you can make to your routine is doing a morning workout. Go for a walk/jog or go to the gym in the morning before your day starts. Running on the beach in the morning is one of the most peaceful feelings! WalkingtoRunning_AA050254_n_lgGo on an empty stomach and try fasted cardio to dip into your fat stores more about fasted cardio HERE. Morning workouts are the best because you don’t have to think about them all day and skip or procrastinate it, I always make sure to get it done early on vacations to spend time with friends and family the rest of the day. Lay out your workout clothes and shoes at night and make it easy to put on and go.  
  8. Sleep- Get a decent amount of sleep every night (7-8) hours preferably. Without enough sleep, you won’t have as much energy and you will notice that your appetite and hunger will increase because your leptin level (hunger satisfying hormone) will be decreased and gherlin (hunger simulating hormone) will be increased. Less sleep is also associated with craving for high fat and high carb foods. 
  9. Breakfast- Start your day right with  a good breakfast including complex carbohydrates 3294687099_f49fba48e71and protein (oatmeal and eggs is a great option!). Not only will it provide you with satisfying energy, but you will also be less hungry if you eat the right food!
  10. Protein- When going out for meals, make sure to pick a lean protein as the main part of your meal, grilled chicken/turkey/lean sirloin and steak, are great options. Protein will make you fuller, thus you will eat less of the bad stuff. I usually choose grilled chicken or steaks with a side salad whenever going out to eat.
  11. Research- Research the resort/hotel/area you are staying at to see if they have any trails to run on or a gym to workout in. Most hotels have a gym with at least a treadmill and maybe free weights to use. Take advantage of it!
  12. Mind Game- Having a positive mind set and being motivated is key in a fitness lifestyle. There are some days I don’t want to workout, however I remember how much better I feel afterwards. Stay positive and remember why you want to work out and just do it!
  13. keep-calm-and-stay-positive-65Stress- As much fun family vacations can be, they can be stressful at times too. Try to relax as much as you can and go on walks and make sure to workout to keep the stress at bay. Stress causes the body to hang on to fat and crave unhealthy foods like sweets and carbs.
  14. Journal- Track what you’re eating throughout the day, sometimes you may eat more than you realize and it will allow you to make healthier changes. 
  15. Style- If a new shirt or workout outfit doesn’t make you want to go to the gym, I don’t know what does 🙂 haha, just kidding, but I love getting new workout clothes, it definitely makes me more motivated to go to the gym. When you look good, you feel good- so go show it off and get your sweat on. So go to the store and grab a few new workout tops that fit just right and get some use out of them on vacation!
  16. 20 minute Rule- Often times, our body doesn’t recognize we are full right after we eat. Next time you’re still hungry after eating dinner (your first helping) try waiting it out and have some good conversation or stay busy for the next twenty minutes to see if you’re still hungry. It takes the body about twenty minutes to receive the “full” feeling.hiking-larger
  17. Fit Destination- Plan something fun on your trip that involves physical activity. Hiking, walking around the zoo, canoeing, sightseeing, biking. There are so many ways to explore a new place involving physical activity, take advantage of your new area!
  18. Playlist- Sometimes an awesome playlist is all it takes to get a good workout in. If you’re me, you probably haven’t updated your iPod in years- so use a pandora or Fit Radio app on your phone! Songs with fast beats make great workouts, and so do the “old” songs-from about 5 years ago!
  19. 4pher7kfvitbvftrMagazine- When I’m on the treadmill/stairmaster/elliptical I almost always read fitness and health magazines. It makes time go by a lot quicker while also finding out new info!
  20. Don’t say diet- A pet peeve I have is when people say someone is dieting or ask if you’re on a diet. Eating “clean” or “boring food” is my lifestyle. Make eating healthy a lifestyle so you don’t have to see it as restrictive and follow the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy during the week and enjoy sweets and treat meals on the weekend or a couple times a week! 
  21. Be Prepared- I typically plan my next day at night before I go to bed. Think about times I’m going to workout and what I have to do to make sure I can get it all in and stay on track. Make your workout something that is planned, that way you know you have time to go. 
  22. Portion- “your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” I used to hear that one all the time when I was little, however its true. Have smaller portions and try the 20 minute rule. Make sure you have the right ratios of food to create a satisfying meal- lean meat, complex carbs and some fat. If you’re out to eat, save the left overs for tomorrow! 
  23. Track-(pedometer)-Sight seeing? Make a game with yourself to see how many steps or miles you can go everyday. 
  24. Love Yourself- I think its important to be happy with yourself and that its half of what makes a healthy lifestyle. Don’t beat yourself up for having a bad meal, just get right back on track at your next one!
  25. Grocery-  Go to the grocery store to grab deli meat, bread, fruit and veggies to take to theSHopping-cart-994x1024 beach or have for lunches! It will save you money and is easy to bring with you! Eating in will save you money as well, so take a night to cook with the family or friends and just hang out!
Hopefully these Traveling Fit tips help you out on your next vacation or just in general!
Comment below if you have any fitness/nutrition/health related questions. I plan on doing a question and answer segment once a month or even a week depending on how many there are! have a great day!

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  1. Nicole,

    Had lunch with your dad today. Reminded of your blog. I am so impressed by your blog and the great mindset you have set for yourself.

    Keep up the great things!!!

    An old friend of your dad,


    1. Hi Mr. Staab! I really appreciate you taking the time to check it out. It’s been a process getting to the mindset I have, but I hope others can see how beneficial positivity and living a healthy lifestyle can be 😊dads even running these days too (: haha. I hope all is well and thank you for the support!

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