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Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.21.13 AMIt’s a bit past the *Fitness Resolution/Weightloss Resolution* time and people are starting to dwindle down at the gym due to the loss of motivation or realizing they do not have enough time (or make time) to get to the gym. Therefore, you might want to look into a fitness tracking device to kick up that motivation and stay active throughout the day or have something to motivate you during your workouts! Here I will uncover my 2 favorite devices, that I have personally used/use and love and think you will too! Fitness trackers are great to use in work place settings and I actually recently discovered a business specializing in health insurance in New Jersey and New York, Oscar, that has started to personally motivate their members to stay healthy with health technology. Each Oscar member receives a free Misfit Band, much like a FitBit or Jawbone, and earns back cash rewards every time they meet their health/fitness goals they set! Such a great idea to motivate their business, I think they should do that in every company & even a reward plan for students to encourage healthy behaviors! Fit Bit, Jawbone, pedometers, heart rate monitors, phone apps- there are so many fitness/health tracking devices out there you can use these days, how do you know which one to choose!? One of the most important part of choosing a device/app is WHY you want to get it. Many people buy devices because of the “hype” or they hear that it’s *really good* (what does that even mean)- but you need to think about why YOU want one. Is it to improve your fitness performance or for overall health? Is it for motivation or for statistics to look at to improve? Will it really benefit you and are you getting your money worth for it? HOW are you planning to use it? All day or just for workouts?  These are all questions to consider when buying a tracking device. There are two devices that I think are absolutely awesome for the average person and the really fit athlete: A Pedometer and a Heart Rate Monitor!

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Only $15 at Target or Walmart! (Click image to see)

Why a pedometer?[price and motivation] A pedometer is extremely useful for students, office workers, athletes-and everyone! I’ve worn a pedometer every now and then during college during busy weeks I can’t get to the gym as many times as I want to because it helps me stay active and move around more. About 2k steps is a mile and I would aim for at least 10k a day when I couldn’t get my workout in. Pedometers are really beneficial for those with desk jobs because they remind people to walk around and stay moving even with a sedentary job. Take five minute walking breaks, stair breaks, walk while talking on the phone. Pedometers are motivation for people to stay active throughout the day and meet a certain goal for themselves. Maybe you don’t walk as much one day or have a crazy schedule so you can’t get to the gym, a pedometer helps you remember to move around more the next day for an extra mile. Little active spurts really add up! Do house chores on a sunday and try to move around and take the stairs by challenging yourself to get in an extra thousand steps for the day. Moderate exercise is extremely important for all individuals when it comes to health and just sanity in a busy world! Some pedometers are as cheap as $5-10 and some are $20-30. I recommend looking at Wal-Mart and Target for these devices or ordering online!

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Click here to see the Polar FT4 heart rate monitor!

Why A Heart Rate Monitor? [price & motivation & tracking performance & accuracy!] I started using a heart rate monitor at the beginning of college to track my workouts, and see how many calories I burned during them. Now, I also use it to track my pace and see how hard I work during my workouts and motivation! I absolutely love my polar heart rate monitor and hate doing cardio without it! I also use it during lifts, but mainly to track time in between sets rather than tracking my pace and calories I do for cardio. I think wearing a heart rate monitor is really beneficial for motivation when working out because you can see how hard you’re working with your heart rate, while also seeing the amount of energy/calories you have burned. It allows you to put in personal data for accurate results as well. When I’ve burned 209 calories, I’ll say to myself I won’t stop until 250 or 300 and it helps you stay motivated! When I’m running for endurance, I make sure to stay at a IMG_9876certain heart rate so I don’t get too tired or even so I don’t go too slow and kick up my pace! It’s awesome for an average individual or the athlete for motivation and statistics. I highly recommend the Polar Ft4 because it’s extremely accurate and doesn’t kill your budget. It’s now on Amazon and many other websites for just $55. It used to be $70 last year, so this new price is even better -bang for your buck 🙂   Whether you decide to get a heart rate monitor, pedometer or other fitness tracking device; the important take away is to remember your goal day in and day out. Have the intrinsic motivation and remember why you’re trying to move and be more active. Is it for your health? Is it to have more energy to play with your kids? Is it for fun and curiosity? Find something you like to do and like to use and be consistent for results. Have a visual reminder on your phone, desktop or even in your notes to remind yourself you’re doing this for yourself and no one else. The device is the extra motivation to track your progress and keep you going! Cheers to Fitness & Health. 🙂 🙂 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.55.25 AMNote: Some people think they need to get a really fancy jawbone or fitbit that can cost 100+ to track steps and for motivation- that will show you your steps and show *the calories you’ve burned,* (The calories burned aren’t very accurate for people with the jawbone and fitbit because it doesn’t take in consideration how fit you are and you really need to use a heart rate monitor to find how many calories you’re really burning along with other factors -height/weight/gender/age. When people think they burn more, they will overindulge and defeat the purpose of weight-loss or trying to be healthier.) but those are so overpriced and not always accurate with their statistics; so a pedometer will do just the same for a cheaper price! Same goes for a heart rate monitor, you don’t need an extremely fancy one, unless you need more data like milage to show! GPS ones will definitely cost more, but remember what your goal and reason of using one is!

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  1. I have been wearing my Up band for about 2 years now…I end up staying so much more active because I see exactly how many steps I take each day. Since I have been using my Up band, I have lost about 5 lbs (without even feeling like I am doing anything differently)! Those extra steps each day really add up!

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