There is never a perfect time, just do it!

You ever have those things you set aside for a “good time” or for “when you’re not busy”? For me it has been blogging. Sometimes I think I need a specific topic to write about or want to write about something people will want to read and need to be in the “writing mind” to do it. However, that is definitely about to change. Because let’s face it…we’re all busy, but if it is important to us, we make the time for it! My current goal is at least one post every other week here.

So…where am I at with my online coaching, instagram, blog, and vlog platforms? So, I loveeeee online training and coaching with my clients (they’re awesome!), but I do know I cannot take on more clients for a few months because of my new job starting shortly. And if you have followed me on my fitness instagram, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting due to life events, traveling and honestly straying away from the whole instagram media since a bit before graduation. The past few months I have been most active on my YouTube channel. It’s actually my favorite platform because you will see the real me, my personality and my experiences in video form!

From now on, I plan to focus on my Blog & YouTube channel where you can get the 411 on my life events and thoughts. Of course it will still encompass my fitlife & nutrition, because that is part of who I am. I love using this platform to look back on and remember the feelings I felt during certain events, and I think this year is going to be quite memorable with my new career!

To catch up, I will share my recent events since the new year, from graduation to relaxing in Cabo, Mexico to hiking in Colorado and moving into my new apartment in Cincinnati, there are many exciting pictures & experiences to share with you! If you want the sneak peak, check my channel to see recent videos! Here’s one of my recent favorites from my trip to Colorado with lots of awesome views: https://youtu.be/Q8QyTIBlmYQ

The Loch Trail peak view! A four hour hike that was totally worth this beautiful view in the Rocky Mountains!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post & understand where I’ve been…but hop on because it’s going to be an active journey from here on out with this blog!

…So you know that bathroom wall you have been meaning to paint or that gallery wall you have been wanting to do or even that diet you want to start, there will never be a “perfect time,” so get your tools out, or your list of goals started and get to it! I promise it will feel great! Cheers to a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch ya next time!

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