The Third Time


So… this week I decided to start back up on my tap out workouts, for the third time. No I did not complete the program twice, so this is my third time attempting to. I really want to finish it and see results, by summer! It’s the third time’s a charm, right? I really like the tap out DVD program because it works all the muscles in the body by toning them and making them stronger. All the equipment is provided when you buy the set of dvd’s which are couple workout bands for resistance training. So it’s portable and easy to take!
I’ve been more excited to get up in the morning to start my work out because I know it will be different each time. Today was day 3, plyometricsxt. It’s the worst workout on the program, when i say it’sĀ the worst- it’s probably the best. It’s the hardest one for me to keep up with because there are so many jumping moves and my heart beat sky rockets! That’s a good thing though, because that means I’m burned off some of the sweet stuff I had last night!


Anyways there are about 39 days left until I leave for Spring Break. Hitting that snooze button seems so tempting when my alarm goes off at 550 every morning, but i’ve gotta remember that it’s closer than I know it and getting the workout done in the morning makes me feel so much better!
The other day I did my day two work out in the morning, but I had to complete the abs dvd at night because I didn’t have time, which was about twenty minutes. Because it was so short and I felt really well rested I decided to do a quick interval workout that lasted about twenty minutes and it went like this:

20 minutes treadmill workout:


0-3 min–5mph
3-5 min–7mph
5-6 min–5mph
6-8 min–Ā 7mph
8-9 min–5mph
9-11 min–7mph
11-12 min–5mph
12-14 min–7mph
14-15 min–5mph
15-17 min–7mph
17-18 min–5mph
18-20 min–7mph
20-23 min– cool down at 3mph
I increased some of the intervals when I had more energy, but if you do this work out you should get at least 2 miles in! Check out my post on HIIT intervals to learn why they’re so great for you! I hope you have a great week and get some great workout in as well. Stay motivated, healthy, and positive, success will come!
Here’s the quote of the day on my phone that helps keep me on track:07a1d427521cd790_quit.xxxlarge_0

25 thoughts on “The Third Time

  1. Hi! I just found your blog through HealthfulMindBodyAndSoul ā™„ Love that quote (“When you feel like quitting…”) – looking fwd to reading more of your blog! šŸ™‚

    1. haha, thank you so much. and it does indeed-small steps make a difference. i think the best and easiest thing to do is write down what you eat. it makes you more aware and less inclined to snack cuz you know you have to mark it down.

    1. hah its a great day. and i love it because its perfect when you need to be ready for spring break or summer coming around the corner. being healthy makes such a postive impact šŸ™‚ have a great day

  2. Thanks for the motivation! I’m struggling to finish up week 3 of my Insanity workout (, and it helps to realize that other people have a hard time sticking to rigorous workout plans too! My fiance and I are taking engagement pictures at the beginning of April, so I really want to be in great shape, since we’ll use the pictures on our “save the date cards”. Good luck with your workout, it will all be worth it in the end!

    1. haha. and thank you so much, i love motivation! I plan on trying insanity in the summer when i finish this. or i may end up doing 2-a-days and do a video of each in a day. I look forward to hearing about your process and congratulations on your engagement. Hard work pays off, stay motivated and focus on your goal to keepp you going šŸ™‚

  3. The only program I finished was Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred. I’ve dabbled in p90, p90x and insanity from there… I’m very bad at the commitment aha.

    I’ve never heard of TapOut though! I look forward to reading what you think of it.

    Cheering you on so you can finish it! Good luck!

    1. I love it and I’m on week three now! It’s a great way to build a strong core and try new moves that engage different muscles. I definitely recommend it, it will improve your endurance and athletics!

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