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My 2017 Fitness, Nutrition and Life Resolutions

Happy 2017 everyone! Somehow January is getting away so quick already! However, I am excited to share all of my 2017 resolutions with you! I have some big fitness and nutrition goals & a few life goals I want to tackle this year. Without a doubt, I know I will be able to accomplish them with great accountability,… Continue reading My 2017 Fitness, Nutrition and Life Resolutions

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8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

Happy December Everyone! 'Tis the season for hot cocoa, cuddling by the fire and indulging in our favorite holiday treats! While I'm practicing moderation, enjoying cookies and chocolate, I often find it hard to stay motivated in the gym, but come new year & I am more motivated than ever to start off on the right… Continue reading 8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

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Which “whey” and why!

One of the most important parts of creating lean muscle tissue is proper nutrition! Yes, lifting can make you stronger, however, the way you treat your muscles and body is essential to making effective progress. Therefore, consuming protein within 30 minutes ("the window of opportunity") after your lift is necessary to refueling your muscles so they… Continue reading Which “whey” and why!