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8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

Happy December Everyone! 'Tis the season for hot cocoa, cuddling by the fire and indulging in our favorite holiday treats! While I'm practicing moderation, enjoying cookies and chocolate, I often find it hard to stay motivated in the gym, but come new year & I am more motivated than ever to start off on the right… Continue reading 8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

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My Offer at Abbott: Ecstatic is an Understatement

Hope. Faith. Perseverance. This semester has been a test for me as a person and for my strength. I’ve kept a low profile through social media and have not put out much content due to putting all my time towards recruitment…AND I am extremely excited to announce it has paid off!  October 18th, 2016: 9:55AM I… Continue reading My Offer at Abbott: Ecstatic is an Understatement

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Exposure to Pharmaceuticals

MAN OH MAN...This summer was one for the books! In terms of experience and the knowledge I gained, I feel extremely blessed for the opportunity I was given at Cook Pharmica. The exposure to pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry was so fascinating and eye opening. While it wasn’t a piece of cake to understand, I… Continue reading Exposure to Pharmaceuticals

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Knowing Your Body & a Life Update

Today lets start out sharing a little life update outside of training and nutrition---if you were to ask me about my summer and internship I would say--My internship has been way more than I could have imagined. The pharmaceutical industry is SO fascinating and I am always learning new things everyday from the process of growing cells to produce… Continue reading Knowing Your Body & a Life Update