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Systems Check

Hey it’s me, Nicole. Under a new domain, “Nikki C Fit Life” (, taking a new direction, sharing more than just fitness – my life in blog posts with my passion for fitness thrown in. I know I’ve been a terrible blogger the past couple of years, but things are going to change after my much needed “Systems Check,” or maybe something you would call a reality check.

Remember when I posted about receiving my big adult job offer last year? I thought that meant I would have it all figured out and life would be great because I would be able to support myself and I was on that thing you would call, the right track.” It’s been almost five months into the role I accepted an offer for and I realized that my previous notions of this “right track” are not what it’s all made out to be.

While I have been successful in my career, I’ve not kept my “system” in check. When I say system, I mean everything that makes me, “Me”, a balanced, fit, happy-go-lucky Nicole. I’ve lost sight of many things I am passionate about; blogging and posting about fitness, lifting consistently, eating well and enjoying my free time.

I’m not sure if I’m shocked this happened, I’m someone who puts a ton of time into areas I want to be successful in— ok, ok, yes, I’m a slight perfectionistbut I know I need to step back from work and cut myself off from working so much.

screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-4-11-38-pm.pngI hate to admit it, but I’ve barely been making it to the gym 3 times a week. This is SO not me. I’ll be the first one to say it-it’s hard to come home from a long day of work talking to people all day, walking around various retailers, and driving through traffic. When it comes to energy- the last thing I want to do is go to the gym and workout. A nice glass of vino is much more appealing while relaxing on my patio or watching Gossip Girl in my homey living room with my new fall décor.

Luckily, I’ve been able to come to Indy once a month and my mom motivates me to do Orange Theory with her and have a few Mother Daughter days! I have actually been working out at least twice a week in the morning at Orange Theory Fitness before heading out the door and it feels so good to be around fitness enthusiasts and motivating coaches first thing in the morning. My goal starting today is at least 2 Orange Theory Classes and 2 strength training days each week.

screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-4-09-06-pm.pngA big positive in my system check include maintaining a great relationship with Adam d! Despite being a few hours apart, we’ve managed to see each other at least every other weekend enjoying dates and spending quality time together. I’m a firm believer in dating and making it a point to cut out time to relax and go out with each other each week (or every other week). We’ve explored downtown Cincinnati restaurants & bars together, a few local wineries & breweries (noteably: Rhine Geist in Cincy, Oliver Winery in Bloomington, and Top of the Park in Cincy), and have also gone to a few cute markets this fall! Being connected and having support from him has been so nice in this year’s transition!

Is your system in check? I definitely know it’s not easy to get all things aligned perfectly, but adjusting a few things and making sure to say NO to things you know will overwhelm you can definitely make a difference in your happiness and getting your system back on track!

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