Sweet & Good to Eat!

yeah yeah, we’ve all heard it before; an apple a day keeps the doctor a way. Before I knew much about nutrition I never really cared to know why certain foods were good for you. I could eat whatever I wanted, but my parents always encouraged me to eat something healthy for snacks if it were before dinner time. So I usually had an apple, I would always ask for this so I could use the really cool apple slicer. You know, the one that you could just press down, and voala, perfect apple slices! I’d also get a scoop full of peanut butter so I could dip them in it!

I needed something to tide my hunger over before I went out for dinner tonight and I was craving something sweet. I decided to make my own healthy little desert! I sliced an apple, mixed a little bit of cinnamon and sugar together and sprinkled it over my apples. I decided to add some peanut butter on the side for a little bit of protein/good fat, along with a drizzle of natural honey for natural sugar for my sweet tooth! It was absolutely declicious, especially because the apples were crisp and had that perfect tartness! The apples were from a local apple orchard, my grandma brings them over a couple times a year when they’re in season. she’s such a sweet heart, always thinkin of me, love you grandma!

So why are apples really good for you??

–Apples are low in calories! A regular apple usually has 70-100 calories. They’re a healthier treat to eat than ice cream or candy bars with natural sugar!

Apples prevent cancers, targeting the following: colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer, even brain diseases- like alzheimers and parkinsonism.

–Apples contain fiber without sodium, fat, or cholesterol.

–Apples contain phytonutrients, antioxidants that combat effects of bad LDL cholesterol.

–Apples regulate blood sugar and provide vitamin C!

–Apples have flavanoids that increase bone density: phloridzin and boron!

–Many studies show people who incorporate apples in their diets lose more weight.

How can we incorporate them in our diets?

Have them for snacks, put them in salads or oatmeal, add them to sandwiches, eat them on the side for lunch. Make a healthy yogurt and apple dish. Apple crisp, with not too much sugar (;. Trips to Apple orchards are fun places to go with little kids! They can choose their own, and find new things to do with them!

my favorite apples are the fuji apples or pink lady apples, yum!


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  1. Hey Nicole, good apples !!! I made some cooked apples, slice apples take off pealing, add some margarine or butter ,brown sugar , alittle cinnamon, put all into a small pan, heat on stove till apples are soft…

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