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Sweat to sleep!

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy for younger children to fall asleep; yet, it takes you hours to get to an exhausted and sleepy state at night? If you want to try a new remedy besides that bottle of melatonin or Nyquil, I highly recommend you to move around more. Many studies find that sedentary adults over 50 have a hard time falling asleep/staying asleep at night and have a hard time staying awake during the day.  However, studies find active adults over 50 that receive a few twenty minute sessions of activity have an easier time falling asleep. Exercise helps sleep quality because the body will require rest after exerting more energy.

In my life, I have noticed the same thing, even as a kid. I used to do gymnastics and had practice four hours a night four to five times a week. After I came home from practice, I ate and fell right to sleep.

Another reason why working out improves sleep quality is because working out gets rid of stress. I find many nights I’m awake because I can’t stop thinking of different things, this is why I run. Running gives me plenty of time to think about all the different stressors in my life or even time to zone out and not think. I find group classes beneficial for stress because they are more interactive, but running does the trick too. Not a vigorous workout type? Try yoga!

You don’t have to go on a run or go lift weights to receive physical activity, just moving around and going on a walk, or planting flowers can improve your sleep. I know that I’m happier and more energized when I receive a good, deep sleep, what about you?


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    1. I wish I had more time to do it, I love cardio and weight trAining, I need to start dedicating more time for stretching and enjoying relaxing exercises!

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