Strength Training and Cardio Bursts!

Ever go to the gym when you’re short on time and aren’t sure what to do to get the most out of your work out? I would definitely recommend doing a strength training with cardio bursts workout. It’s similar to a HIIT (Click to find more info on HIIT) workout, but more effective when you’re trying to tone up! I usually work out twice a day, getting my fasted cardio (look forward this week to find out more on this topic) in, in the morning and my strength workout in the afternoon after I’ve gotten some good energy and nutrition under my belt to fuel my muscles to do strength training.
During my strength workout, I typically burn 400-500 calories in an hour because I keep my heart rate up with cardio bursts. Keeping your heart rate up will keep your body warm and flexible, ready for strength exercises, burn more calories, and…kick your butt 🙂
**When strength training or doing any workout, I advise having a plan when going to the gym–>it makes you more efficient when using your time and you won’t have much down time standing around thinking about what to do**

Here are couple examples of my cardio bursts and strength training workouts. I love doing circuits because 1. They make time go faster 2. They provide variety and work all different muscles 3. It’s more exciting and not so boring! 4. If you’re short on time you can do a bunch of exercises in a short amount of time to hit all areas.

Below are some workouts you can print out or copy down for your next one to try. You’ll see below an Arms workout, Legs Workout, or both depending on your preference. I like focusing on one area each day to make sure that I work those muscles really good and then move on to a different area the next day allows that part of my body to rest.
You can fill in your own exercises with this basic outline! –>
A circuit of 5 exercises. Do 1 exercise: 3 sets of 10 repetitions, 1 cardio burst for a minute, next exercise. Repeat the circuit 2-3-4 times.

Armslrgsarms and legs

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