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Spring Break motivation!

pass-a-grille-st-pete-beachI’m not sure about any of you, but I have wonderful spring break planned in 40 days! I can’t wait to be on the beach and relax without worries for a full week! My friend’s family and mine rented out a beach house and I’m so stoked for our stay together! My only worry will be not to indulge too much and try to get in a workout or two throughout the week! Are you going anywhere for a spring break trip or just a getaway stress free weekend? While it’s always fun to spend time with friends and veg out for a week, I would like to tone up and reduce my sweet tooth a little bit before then! I know we all like to look our best in our swimsuits! For that reason, I thought I’d come up with some good motivation and tips to  help everyone out stay focused on keeping a healthy and fit track until their destination or even for a special date!

keep in mind, these tips are usually for just a goal or something I plan for, it’s not an every single day “must”… I’m just trying to be motivated to keep my sweets and workouts in check until Spring Break…after I’m sure it’ll be difficult to continue! I’ve given up ice cream for lent, call me crazy, but hopefully I’ll feel better and less sluggish. sweets are my weakness!!

1. IMAGE MOTIVATION- Call me cheesy, but I like to keep my motivation visible and put quotes or toned abs on my screen savers on my iphone! That way, when I want to get in the candy jar or go to the ice cream shop down the street, I’ll be reminded I only have forty days until Spring Break &  want to look my best.


2. PLAN ACCORDINGLY- Obviously, everything in moderation is always key when having a healthy lifestyle. But if you notice you gain weight and are unsure why, try writing down what you’re eating & maybe you’ll see why when you eat something different. Also if you have a date on a Friday night Gym Clothesand know you’re going to indulge, make sure to go light on the extra snacks or treats throughout the week.

3. WORKOUT set a workout plan, wanna get those abs revealed, start a regular routine to tone up and shred the layers on top of those abs. Make sure to do core work, but not just crunches. Cardio and weights help blast fat–>it’s recommended to do weights and then cardio to get the most effective fat burn!

4. BE PREPARED- if you would like to become regular at having a morning workout, know the obstacles you’ll face. Go to sleep earlier, set out yourMorning-Workouts4  clothes to be ready, have a preworkout snack (CLICK HERE for preworkout snacks), water bottle on the go, and have an idea what you’ll be doing for your workout. Plan it in your calendar like it’s an appointment, that way you’ll be ready and know it needs to be done-just like a regular check up or dentist appointment- it’s a must!

DFD84325_1_15. BE READY- for snack attacks, sweet cravings, and hungry days! Make a veggie and fruit tray at the beginning of the week so when you go to the fridge there will always be something healthy for you to grab. In addition, when you’re on the go, bring nuts and cheese sticks or apples/bananas/oranges, protein bars, or any of these CLICK HERE for good protein snacks, to hold you over until your next meal. Have an apple with peanut butter when you don’t seem to have that full feeling, or cottage cheese to get extra protein! Sometimes meal planning will help you with this, write down what you plan on eating the night before, so you’re prepared for those hunger attacks.

6. BE MOTIVATED- make a new playlist that keeps you going on your run, ask a friend what she’s been playing for an idea! Write down a daily motivation quote and remind yourself why you want to be healthy, remind yourself that even though it’s short term you will feel better and you will see results. Results are one of the best forms of motivation as well 🙂

playlist-01-03-137. STAY IN CHECK- if you’re trying to lose weight, try weighing yourself weekly to see what you’re at & if you’re on track for where you would like to be by the time spring break comes or when your special day arrives! If you slip up, make a food journal to see what’s holding you back.

8. TAKE OUT THE ENEMY- if you want to shred that fat, try taking out what is really holding you back. Is it the meat, cut it out once or twice a week, is it the sugar? For me, it definitely is-I never crave burgers or pizza, I’m all for the cookies, cake, chocolate, and ice cream. For this reason I indulge more than I should & I’m going to give up ice cream and MAYBE chocolate for lent. Even though it started already, I had plenty of valentine’s day chocolate that I have been biting at, but after I finish these last two in a section of my box, I will be eliminating chocolate and storing it in the freezer- somewhere I won’t be tempted to reach for all the time!

9. REWARD YOURSELF- if you had a good week and did everything you wanted for your healthy goals, go do something for yourself. If it is going out, don’t over do it AND HAVE SMALLER PORTIONS when you indulge because you worked so hard to get where you are. If you’re a girl go get a manicure, go shopping and buy that cute dress you’ve been wanting or a new pair of jeans. Go see a movie & take your own healthy snacks (pretzels and cheese sticks and pop chips are my go to, sometimes a pb&j).

health-and-fitness-motivation-by-elisa10. DON’T GIVE UP- just because you make a mistake and forget your workout or caved at the restaurant last night, you don’t have to start over. Just remember no one is perfect and mistakes are part of life. Remember your goal & keep your eye on the prize…spring break/the beach/the lovely weekend ahead/your birthday/the dress you want to fit in and remember you don’t have to go down hill. Stay positive and keep the glass half full & continue to fill it up!

….and remember to be happy and relax. stress is a common reason people gain weight, if you want to see more on that topic, read here: CLICK THIS.

Good luck with all of your goals & remember to have fun. Throughout the next forty days I will try to continually post meals and workout ideas that you can try to keep you motivated! BUT here is what i’ve got for ya right now: GET UP, BE ACTIVE, AND MAKE SMART CHOICES. 😉

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21 thoughts on “Spring Break motivation!

  1. Have a lovely break and you forgot one important weapon to your list: sunscreen!
    P.S. I’m glad that I’m not the only dag with pictures of hot fitness model girls plastered on my bathroom mirrors and iphone lol

    Be safe xx

    1. good good, i hope you stay motivated. i know it’s hard to do sometime! don’t forget that even if you have a bad day, don’t let it ruin a fresh start to a new one. 🙂 have an awesome week

  2. Exercise and giving up dairy and alcohol are great additions to your plan. I really enjoyed the pics. And saved your playlist image. Thanks!

  3. A new workout playlist always helps me! Loved yours too 🙂 I’ve realized I was just pouring myself a glass of wine each night out of habit, it wasn’t that I really wanted any. Trying to notice those kind of things and eliminate them is what I’m working on. Every little bit helps! Enjoy your trip! I’m jealous 🙂

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