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Ever feel like you struggle to find something healthy when you go out to eat? It’s hard going to restaurants that offer so many delectable items and little healthy options. Often times I opt for grilled chicken or salads with steak/shrimp/chicken. Restauraunts are usually pretty good at accomodating requests–dressing on the side, plain grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken, no buns, or steamed instead of sauteed veggies, egg whites over regular eggs.

I also like to use my nifty apps on my iPhone to see what kind of nutrition is in the food at the restaurants. Although I’m sure that they are not always accurate, the nutritional information they provide gives me a pretty good idea as to what my meal would have to offer. Often times people think that salads are the most healthy choices, however when many different ingredients are added into a bowl and slathered in ranch or creamy sauces-you could have a diet disaster. You have to watch out especially for those taco salads-Taco Bell offers a salad around 900 calories!! A typically healthy option, that is clearly not nutritious. –>

The two applications shown above are my favorite to use when I want to look into common known restaurants to find nutrition counts. The one on the left shows more fast food places, while the one on the right incorporates more fine dining: Steakhouses, ice-cream shops, and more. The restaurants are in alphabetical order and easy to find. It does not include small local restaurants, but these applications are very convenient when I’m eating out with friends and am looking for a healthy meal!

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