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Pop Ban in NYC

Picture a cashier at Wendy’s saying, “You cannot buy coke in a size larger than sixteen ounces. Sorry ma’m.” The New York Board of Health just approved Mr. Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks over sixteen ounces. The plan includes the fast food restaurants (even starbucks!!), delis, movie theatres, sports complexes, and food carts in NYC. This plan will eventually lead to many other public facilities, but this is just the beginning.

Yes, I agree that more than half of American’s population is over weight, but when an over weight customer goes to McDonalds, theycould care less when she goes to Wendy’s for their favorite drink for under a dollar. It will make them upset that they are one; being unintentionally being called fat; and two, having to choose a different drink order or even paying another dollar for two drinks.

i find a way around it!!

I think the new regulations to prevent obesity are quite annoying. It almost seems like this guy, Bloomberg, is a food dictator. As a health enthusiast, it might be weird to hear me say these things. Although I agree that pop is an unnecessary sugar bomb, regulating the drink limits is quite useless for obesity in America. The people are going to understand they should not have more than sixteen ounces of coke, but they will still have the opportunity to buy two sixteen ounce drinks. It will not only be a nuisance for people, but this regulation will also damage many businesses.

The article mentioned the Board of Health banned smoking inside eating facilities and people complied. This, however, is completely different. In the smoking situation, people could walk out of restaurants and take a smoke break, which is not too bad considering they were probably told to go outside before.

But this new law is requiring people to pay more and deny them of even having what they want. They won’t want to carry around two drinks, but they also won’t want anything else because many people think diet pop tastes bad.

^^^^Someone is enjoying his last 64 oz pop!

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