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Being Fit Full Time/Worksite Wellness Tips

Let’s be real for a second: You’re up at 6AM. You sit at a desk all day, casually walk around time to time 8AM to 5PM all while putting in all of your mental power for success in the work place. Keeping a positive attitude, talking on the phone, attending important meetings and using brain… Continue reading Being Fit Full Time/Worksite Wellness Tips

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Exposure to Pharmaceuticals

MAN OH MAN...This summer was one for the books! In terms of experience and the knowledge I gained, I feel extremely blessed for the opportunity I was given at Cook Pharmica. The exposure to pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry was so fascinating and eye opening. While it wasn’t a piece of cake to understand, I… Continue reading Exposure to Pharmaceuticals

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Why I’m choosing Gluten Free & Wheat is an opiate?!

One of the things that I've gotten into this summer is listening to podcasts at work. I've always enjoyed background noise while working, but i've never realized how much I love learning until this summer. Throughout my internship, I have been in a constant state of "needing to know how things work" (in my case, how… Continue reading Why I’m choosing Gluten Free & Wheat is an opiate?!

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Knowing Your Body & a Life Update

Today lets start out sharing a little life update outside of training and nutrition---if you were to ask me about my summer and internship I would say--My internship has been way more than I could have imagined. The pharmaceutical industry is SO fascinating and I am always learning new things everyday from the process of growing cells to produce… Continue reading Knowing Your Body & a Life Update

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Blisters, Respect and Motivation

How is it already almost five weeks into my internship at Cook Pharmica?? I feel like it was just yesterday when I couldn't sleep the night before my first day because i was so nervous! I've been wanting to update you and share all of my thoughts and experiences, but I've had such little time.… Continue reading Blisters, Respect and Motivation