October 21-October 27

Sunday, October 21: 3 mile trail run at the park

Monday, October 222: Rest day

Tuesday, October 23: Strength and Upper Force + Abs TapOutXT

Wednesday, October 24: Competition Core TapOut XT

Thursday, October 25: Rest day

Friday, October 26: Plyo TapOut XT

Saturday, October 27: Rest Day

Had a pretty decent workout-week, while it was well-balanced and relatively simple, my high intensity interval training (HIIT) makes me feel stronger! 🙂 TapOutXT does a great job at that, I love the resistance training it provides as well. Strength can definitely build with bands! Also, extremely happy I made it to the park at least once, I love out-door workouts it’s hard to find a good time to go when the weather isn’t so great! When you’re trail running, the scenery is constantly changing keeping you occupied by not worrying about time… your workout feels like it flies by! Hopefully you had a great week, even if working out wasn’t in your schedule sometimes were too busy for physical activity, but planning it ahead of time helps that problem!


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