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obesity in 2030

I was in my statistics when our teacher showed us the predicted obesity rates until 2030.  The paper showed a model and trend of the predicted obesity rates until 2030. And my, oh, my, how horrible! Over 60% of America is predicted to be obese by 2030. I’m glad that they are trying to show people how bad it will be, but that does not mean people are going to change their habits by seeing a statistic in the paper.

I think this shows that there should be some serious changes in the food industry. But what can people do? The only way to be fit and healthy is have a healthy lifestyle. They choose what they want and they eat what they want. America has the opportunity to eat as little as they want or as much as the want without a limit. Americans want what they want, quality and quantity are the two large factors that come into play. Thinking at the margin may be “too much of a good thing” for our waist lines…

The article I read spoke about the numerous illnesses that are resulted from obesity; from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and many others. The costs of health care will surely rise, and businesses are now starting to show an interest in preventive medicine. If businesses are able to maintain healthy employees with free gym memberships, nutrition and fitness counseling, health insurance will decrease.  But right now, at the rate America is going, health care is will keep rising due to the obesity epidemic.


Obesity rates in adults have doubled from 15% in 1980 and in children, the rates have tripled. It makes me so upset to see this because I think parents are partly to blame in this area. Kids should be educated on proper nutrition, or they will not know how to maintain a healthy life style. I remember they taught us the food pyramid in second grade, but that diagram is just out of whack. People don’t need all the grains and meat that it incorporates in the biggest section of the pyramid. We need large amounts of greens, veggies, fruit, and protein to maintain a healthy body weight. From those four areas, people can obtain enough vitamins, minerals that will stabilize a healthy weight. One of the reasons why I’m so excited for my future is so I can create programs to educate children and parents on nutrition to create healthy lifestyles!

Many articles I read about obesity incorporate the relation of education and income. When people have a lower education, they typically have higher obesity rates; compared with people who graduate from a college. It’s sad to see that healthy meals cost more, when fast food is so cheap and unhealthy. Furthermore, the obesity and poverty connection on fitness shows that poor neighborhoods have fewer playgrounds, sidewalks, and other services that influence exercise.

With awareness of obesity, will America and business begin to change its ways? Will fruit and veggies become cheaper so the cost of health care goes down? When will education on nutrition and fitness become a core subject for the health of America? What healthy choices can make today, to benefit tomorrow? It’s definitely a team project, and necessary to complete, but its up to us to change these predictions of 2030.


15 thoughts on “obesity in 2030

    1. It really is! I love making my meals and do it on a relatively low budget, fast food doesn’t ever cross my mind because I have so much fun creating healthy meals!

    1. It’s quite crazy! I just don’t see how it happens being healthy makes me so much more happy, I want others to be able to see that with my blog! Enjoy your Saturday!

  1. What you posted is true…I’ve spent the last almost 4 1/2 years working with people to get them to a healthy weight AND learn the healthy habits that are necessary to sustain the weight loss for life. It is possible…people need to be motivated intrinsically (from within) to make it work though. Wanting to look good for the high school reunion, for example, is short lived motivation…I mean, what happens after the reunion? People need long term solutions to weight management. When they start looking and FEELING great it is empowering. Keep working to make that change in America with your blog!

    1. I completely agree and think fad diets are awful for short periods of time. I started eating healthy my freshman year and I don’t even desire greasy and fried foods anymore because it makes me feel awful in so many ways, my stomach even churns at smells sometimes! Although frozen yogurt and chocolate is a guilty pleasure, its okay when you follow a 90:10 rule 🙂 eating healthy is so beneficial and possible for everyone if they really give it a chance! Thank you for your comment and support, I greatly appreciate what others have to share and say!

  2. I would like to someday develop my career to better tackle the obesity epidemic, particularly with kids. Currently, I’m a personal trainer, and although one could argue I’m already battling against obesity, you would be surprised how many people think that just because they have a trainer, they can eat whatever whenever still, and the trainer will sort everything out. Actually, it just makes my job that much more difficult. Ugh!

    I somewhat agree with your statement about parents being partly to blame for the increase in obesity rates among kids; however, you have to consider the extent of education, not necessarily the level. If parents themselves weren’t taught by their parents or teachers how to eat and stay healthy, then those kids are surely not going to know and the future generations are no better off.

    The big picture is far more complicated then what you may realize, though. Food Inc. is something you should definitely check out, if you haven’t already. That’ll just show you how complicated of a mess we Americans have gotten ourselves into. The book, “Born with a Junk Food Deficiency,” is also a very informative read on the public health end of things.

    It’s refreshing to see someone as young and as enthusiastic as yourself to want to get involved and make a change. 🙂 Keep blogging.

    1. Everything you said is completely true, part of my goals are to implement programs in schools for young children an their parents and educate them on healthy eating and food choices! They love healthy food but just have no idea what it means or have the ability to choose it! I appreciate your support and input on the subject! I hope for the best in your career! Have a wonderful weekend!

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