Oatmeal lovin’

When I woke up this morning I knew exactly what I was going to have for breakfast. OATMEAL! I love the fact that you can make oatmeal with so many different ingredients, it’s like art for food! This morning I decided I wanted to have some peanut butter and banana oats! I also added walnuts on top. Can you say delicious!? Sometime’s I’ll add honey or a little brown sugar if I’m craving something sweet, but bananas did the trick for me today!

I know a lot of people like to make their oat with just water, but I use milk because it makes them have a creamier/heartier taste! Oatmeal is one of my favorite foods to eat all year around because it makes me feel satisfied and warm on the insides. I tend to be cold a lot of the time, so having oatmeal provides me a little warm start for the day!

Wanna know a few reasons why oatmeal is so good for you? Read below:

1. Oatmeal lowers cholesterol because it contains soluble fiber which allows us to absorb fat and cholesterol from our diet. Lower cholesterol=lower rates of heart disease.
2. Oatmeal is low in fat and is a complex carbohydrate that has a low glycemic index. This means it is turned into a simple sugar slowly–>raises our blood sugar slowly by staying in the stomach longer. This reduces our hunger that is created by simple carbohydrates.( great for diabetics.)
3. Oatmeal contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is also a great sourse of protein and iron.
4. Oatmeals tastes amazing and you can make it in a variety of ways. (with fruit/nuts/milk/pumplkin/peanut butter/honey/yogurt/granola…
5. Oatmeal is affordable!
6. Oatmeal is quick and convenient. I rarely have time to cook it on the stove with school, so I always put it in the microwave!
7. Is a helpful food for weight loss because it provides great energy and health promotings benefits!
8. HEALTHY AND 100% natural!

Old-fashioned oatmeal is the best!

You can use rolled oats for: cookies, breads, cakes, smoothies, toppings, and more!


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