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Numbers in Progress

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.58.45 PMI’m going to be honest, it is easy hard to eat healthy your freshman year of college. You have the food courts, and the laziness of getting to them and eating processed food, no stove or oven to make healthy veggies and grilled chicken, the TAILGATES, no car, and all of the other festivities involved with college life. So of course, I gained a few pounds and my goal at the beginning of the summer was to get rid of them. While weeks have gone by this summer, I’ve kicked some major *booty* in the weight room and have had amazing runs day in and day out; however, the last time I checked, I still haven’t lost some of the weight.
To some extent, I felt defeated for all the hard work I had been putting into my workouts, eating right and what not, but then I reflected on everything that had changed. The NUMBERS IN my PROGRESS. The number on the scale is just ONE of the HUNDREDS of numbers that have changed this summer. For example, the picture you see below to the right; I ran 8 miles in 85 minutes the other morning. My morning runs usually are 4-7 miles, but the other day I was feeling so good that I just kept going! To know that my body was able to crank out that extra mile was a new accomplishment and I ran it again the next day. and 85 minutes? I never would have guessed my body could have the endurance to do that so casually– without mental Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.13.02 PMpreparation for something like a race– until this summer. Additionally, there is another number that I realized I forgot to focus on, lean body mass percentage! While I don’t have one of the fancy scales that measure that, I noticed my *ahem* *rolls* are less pronounced/shorts fitting looser and my muscles are becoming more visible! Which brings me to my new goal of the summer, building lean muscle to help burn more fat! I’ve always loved to lift, but I really started to put it in high gear this past year and summer. It’s a fun, yet difficult game to me in the weight room to try and lift heavier weights or have a higher volume on supersets. Lifting also makes me feel more empowered and proud of my body to see what it can do. The numbers on those plates have definitely changed this summer!
–>side note to girls- it doesn’t make you bulky, lean muscle makes you look good! I’ve lost fat, but maybe not pounds, and gained muscle by doing so. <–
What are the other numbers (besides the one on the scale) that you can note in your progress?
 clothing sizes–> you may be shrinking fat
and building muscle= looser clothing!

– distance you have ran
– the number of times you work out
– the time it takes you to do something

– how many times you’ve eaten healthy
– the new PR on your bench or squat

– the number of water bottles you drink in a day
– the number of pushups/pull ups you can do

– the number of hours of sleep you receive
– your heart rate when working out, is it harder to get it higher?- you’re now fitter!
– your cholesterol number
– your blood pressure number
– the number of times you stretch in a week (something i’m working on!)
– lean body mass number, use a measuring tape instead of a scale!
*muscle weighs more than fat / 1 lb of muscle takes up less space than 1 lb of fat* 

There are so many numbers that can be affected when you progress, it’s important to note progress because you can see how far you’ve really come and be proud of your accomplishments. What are your numbers in progress?
p.s. to the college readers- I’m planning on creating a health and fitness section for my website that includes nutrition tips/recipes and workouts for how I stay fit while being in college myself! 

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    1. Yes! I do, I use my phone with a band to track distance: endomondo is my favorite app there. Also, I use a heart rate monitor: polar ft40. I absolutely love it, it helps me know when I’m pushing my normal limits when running and how many calories I me burning each workout. Super accurate!

  1. So great to hear such a balanced and educated approach to weight loss! I too have stopped using scales altogether, judging merely by how my clothes feel and my improvement in various exercises. As women it would appear that we are taught to be more aware of our physical weight than men when truly there are far more important factors contributing to our health than the number on a scale 🙂

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