November 11- November 17

Sunday, November 11: Rest Day

Monday, November 12: Muay Thai TapOutXT


Tuesday, November 13: 3 mile run and 2 mile walk

Wednesday, November 14: 3 mile run incline

Thursday, November 15: Rest day

Friday, November 16: Five Mile Treadmill Workout

Saturday, November 17: 3 mile Run at the Park!

Such a busy week! From work and school and other events, it was hard to find a good time to work out. However, I found that i made time for a good three mile run at an incline on Wednesday when I didn’t think i could fit in a workout. I love running at an incline even if it’s not a fast run because it builds more muscles that way along with burning extra calories on a flat terrain! has anyone seen that treadmill/elliptical thing that is advertised on tv all the time? I think it looks awesome and like a great investment, but I would miss my regular running work outs!

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