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My Story: Part I

IMG_8848Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about when it all started, how it all started and why I have come to live this lifestyle. It’s been a long journey since I began, so I’ll try to keep it brief…

I haven’t always been a health nut/clean eater. When I was a gymnast (started at 3), I was able to eat anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. I was in the gym four to five hours a day for practice four times a week. My typical meals went like this: poptarts or cookies and milk for breakfast, school lunch, mcdonalds or other fast food before practice, ravioli after practice, and 4 BIG scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for desert. It’s safe to say I did didn’t have the best nutrition, but I didn’t need to worry about it because of all the energy I expended at practice.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.18.22 PM
8th grade dance – Spring 2008

However, when I quit in sixth grade, puberty hit, I eventually gained weight because my body didn’t utilize all the energy it used to.

It was the Spring Break of 8th grade when it really hit home with me, when we went to Mexico for my brother’s Senior Trip. All the girls there were thin and really pretty. It then made me think about how I was going to be in high school where they were and I wouldn’t fit in. At that time, I was out of shape and would call myself “thick,” I don’t really think I was fat, but I was a lot bigger than I used to be.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.17.21 PM
Spring Break-2009

When I got back home, I knew I needed to change some of my habits. So, I told my mom I wanted to get a gym membership! I started going everyday, I did the typical girl thing and would go on the elliptical or treadmill for an hour and occasionally throw some ab work in and that was it. It was probably less than a year where I lost all the weight…almost 30 pounds when I was at my highest and lowest. I never wanted to be skin in bones, I just wanted to be skinny and wear cute clothes without having to worry about my curves. If people noticed, I would just say I run a lot and that’s what made me lose all of the weight. However, it wasn’t just running; I would look at the nutrition labels and only eat it if it were low in calories, I ate a lot less processed foods, and ate smaller amounts. NOTE: I never resorted to binging or starving myself, it was all through a better diet and cardio! After losing the weight, the only physical health effect I noticed, was that I was extremely cold all of the time. I think it was because I had a big change in my body fat percentage and I wasn’t eating enough of the right minerals and nutrients that made my blood level lower.

Even though I had changed physically and was healthier, I really struggled mentally. When I think back about it, I was obsessed with being skinnier; my mind was not in the right place, I wasn’t really “happy”—to be honest, the only times I was “happy” was when the scale was at a certain number. I hid my anxiety about food and my weight enough that it didn’t become an issue others could see…I never told people sometimes it was ALL I could think about. I was also completely uneducated about nutrition—often times, I wouldn’t eat the meat in my salads because I thought it was going to make me gain weight, I didn’t drink much water because of the same reason, I would weigh myself everyday and I would get in fights with my parents about what we would have for dinner if it weren’t healthy, and so much more. (mom and dad: if  you guys read this, I’m so sorry about the nagging I’ve put you through, I love you guys for putting up with me and supporting me!!xoxo)
1 Year Later
I finally realized my anxiety was starting to take over my life and happiness during my sophomore year of high school when a close friend finally spoke up and indirectly hinted concern about my weight and knew I needed to change my mentality to become happier.  It was then, when I started to educate myself and change my perspective.

If you read this, thank you for taking the time to do so…I will be sharing My Story: Part 2 next week–focusing on how I changed my perspective on health/body image, working out, nutrition and how positivity has impacted my life!click here for part 2!!

17 thoughts on “My Story: Part I

  1. You’re fabulous and I think it’s wonderful that you found a healthy place and happiness there. It’s so hard, especially for women because we are so bombarded with what we are “supposed” to look like and what “perfection” is. It’s different for everyone…I am working on finding the “perfect” me right now! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi there! thank you so much and I completely agree. Society and its expectations can really take a toll on a person, but finding happiness and peace with yourself is so important for your happiness and relationships (: Strive for progress, not perfection* and be proud and confident of who you are because happy girls are the prettiest girls 🙂 thanks for reading!

  2. Your dad shared the link to your blog with me recently. He realized through numerous conversations we’ve had during his haircuts that we share a lot of the same view points about fitness 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog. And good for you for figuring it out at a young age! I was a slave to the scale until I was about 30. It was an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. So keep on sharing! You never know who you might help 🙂

    1. Hi Melissa (: . Thank you so much for checking my blog out and reaching out, I really appreciate it! The scale can be the worst enemies, I remember being so upset some days in the morning after weighing and it would really affect my relationships and even going out sometime because of how I felt. And the thing is…no one can even tell you weigh a pound or two more or a pound or two less. It seems like it took me so so long to finally get to this place of happiness (i will share in part 2). I’ve started just doing it once a week for checking in on progress, but if you still or ever have trouble read my Numbers in Progress post because there are so many other things you can realize about yourself in how far you’ve come and muscle weighs more than fat because its smaller and more compact and makes you leaner.
      Thank you for the sweet comment and have an awesome week (: xo

  3. Keep inspiring others! I struggle with a similar situation still to this day but I find that being in the Healthy Foodie World and discovering inspiration like yours nourishes.

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate it and I hope you find happiness, I will share where and how I found mine in part 2. Keep your head up and remember you’re beautiful no matter what! have a great week!

  4. OH Nicole,,I remember when I brought my Wt. points from. Wt Watchers and telling you what I was doing. You were very interested, but did not want to eat the protein, only salads. The nuts, apples chicken, lettuce that I put hard boiled eggs in was our meal for several days.. Love you, always my beautiful Granddaughter..


  5. Thanks so much for being brave in sharing your story. I know other girls my realize through this post that they may be obsessing about weight or being thin (without a full-blown ED) and seek to be mindful instead of consumed by exercise and nutrition 🙂

  6. Hey,
    it’s great to read Part 1 of your story and I look forward to reading Part2. Thanks also for popping by my blog and reading my recent post. I think we have some things in common … take it easy. Olly

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