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My Motivation Secrets

FullSizeRenderLast week in Florida was filled with indulgencessangria or wine and ice cream every night ūüôā — and very few workouts, with lots of lounging by the pool. It led to a little weight gain and a lot of soreness after my first workout LOL–>my mom and I were literally achy for 4 days after our plyo and strength workout in florida.¬†It was the “it hurts to even sit on the toilet soreness.”¬†No worries though, I’ll call it my¬†happy weight for now because I loved¬†the time¬†with my mom and not worrying about eating healthy on our trip! I know some of it was water weight and I’ve also started back on track this week with my meal plan and getting in my workouts again!

The real question is, NICOLE–how do you motivate yourself after a week of indulgences or just in general?!

IMG_5225I’d be lying if I told you my motivation to work out and eat right is there 100% everyday.¬†There are days when eating healthy sounds anything but appetizing. There are many days when¬†laying on the couch and binge watching Netflix sounds much better than going to the gym. However, I know I’m a happier person when I do make healthy choices. I know
I’m¬†happier and more¬†confident when my clothes fit better, so I’ll choose a salad for dinner when I know I’m getting froyo after, instead of eating a burger & froyo. I know I absolutely love the way I feel after a sweaty cardio session, or the way my upper body has more definition after a heavy lift…so I’ll make sure I fit my workout in.

if you enjoy happy hour with friends, make sure to plan your workout in the morning so you don’t feel guilty at night (:

So…I told myself I was going to get up at 7am everyday this week to get my cardio in. How many days did that happen this week?? Well…zero so far lol. It’s Thursday and even though I didn’t do my workouts at 7am, they were still done. I was trying to do this so I could change my workout time to the morning, before my 8-5 internship¬†starting next Monday…but I’ve realized– I am not an early morning workout person anymore. And that’s okay, learning about what works for you, is important for a health and fitness journey.

I love doing¬†workouts around 10am after my breakfast has settled or in the afternoon before dinner. I’m actually okay with this realization because I do enjoy my workouts and it will give me something to look forward to after work. I will just have to remember to have an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon to have energy for my workout. Finding the right times for your workout can be key for consistency. Play around with different times and see when you feel best, thats when you should make sure to do them! While schedules vary throughout the week, make sure to plan them as an appointment you can’t miss to ensure you get it in!

Print out a calendar for your meal prep and workouts to make sure you remember when you’re working out each day (:

Sometimes it’s extremely hard to motivate myself, but you want to know a¬†secret for working out? I called it the 10 minute rule. I tell myself, I just have to do 10 minutes on the treadmill or do something to get my heart rate up for 10 minutes at the gym. I tell myself, if I’m not feeling it after 10 minutes I can stop. Typically, once I get started, I want to stay longer because I know I’m already working up a sweat and why not get even more out of my workout!? Make yourself more accountable and tell someone that you are going to do it! Or Bribe yourself with a bath or relaxing with your favorite show after (;

i like to choose a lean protein and veggie filled salad for dinner if i know i’m going out for dessert (:

Some people have the “all or nothing” perspective- if they can’t fit in a whole one hour or two hour workout, they won’t do it at all. This can actually be detrimental in a fitness or weight loss journey because it can hinder progress in all aspects – nutrition and fitness and motivation. ¬†However, think about just starting out small. Maybe 20 minutes a day or 20 minutes twice a day when you have free time. Small goals are better than a huge goal because they’re easier to tackle and make you feel more accomplished along the way. Start with eating one healthy meal a day or swap out healthier snacks to get you on track.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.37.31 PM
“Wasted Time” and “Fighter” from Keith Urban have been on repeat for my cardio sessions lately (:

A new motivation tool for me is watching YouTube videos during cardio. I save videos from my favorite channels¬†for when I am on the stair master. You could do this with your favorite Netflix videos, magazines or new albums that come out from your favorite artists! If i have a new favorite song, you will definitely know I’m listening to it if you see me lip singing on the stair master. I’m probably singing out loud too, but no one has told me yet. lol.

MY BIGGEST FITNESS SECRET: do what you love!!!¬†Don’t worry about the workouts in magazines that say “get flat abs with this workout” #ThoseAreLiesByTheWay #AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen #IDontEvenHaveVisibleAbs or “lose 10 pounds by doing¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “, or “Fat Burning Workouts”….¬†your journey will only be successful if you do¬†what you enjoy and are consistent with. Whether its spinning or zumba classes, incline walking, FitBit challenges, HiiT Workouts, lifting and strength training, running or jogging, combining all different workouts…just do something you love that gets your heart rate up for 30-60¬†minutes! If you’re looking to change it up, check out the group exercise schedules at your gym. Go with a friend and you might find that kickboxing may be your new favorite workout!

I think that’s all of the big ones I have for now…if I think of anymore, I will be sure to let you¬†Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.49.21 PMknow and plan on sharing all of my fitness and health tips as a¬†full time working person this summer. My current goals are to prep all my meals each week, have my clothes ready for after work and drive straight to the gym after work! Would love to hear your motivation tips as well (;

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  1. Nicole, I’d love to meet you in Florida…when it’s at its coolest! We can do a blog collab. or just workout together. With Ben & Jerry’s ice cream deals, it has been difficult not to indulge. I like your notes about the magazine articles.

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