My Latest Obsession & Workouts

Butt warmers on and blasting the heat in the morning.…to cranking the AC and IMG_4684guzzling ice water by night! Welcome to Indiana weather, am I right? I always think its so funny how it can be 40 degrees then go to 80 in just one day, but i think its finally staying warm with sunny skies for a while! #thankgoodness I think my favorite thing though, is it staying light at night. It always makes me more productive than in the winter when it gets dark around 4 or 5. I usually still have homework or my workout to get in but it takes so much more effort when all you want to do is crawl in bed when you see the sun is gone!
Anywho, another week come and gone and were finally coming down to the last few weeks of school. This week was filled with lots of fun, it being the little 500 week at Indiana University! Thank goodness the weather was great for the riders and the rest of us enjoying the weekend.
IMG_4736Because there were a few times we decided to just eat in or I didn’t have much time to make food, I had eggs and toast or toast and butter quite a bit this week. I’ve been using light butter and regular wheat toast, a pretty solid macro/calorie snack/meal if you need one!  And let me tell you…I can’t get enough of it! I actually think bread and butter is one of the most underrated foods, along with pb & j samwiches. (yes samwiches, I don’t know why I’ve always said that instead of sandwiches) I’m not sure if its the nostalgia that comes with it from eating toast a lot as a little kid or the perfect mixture of crunchy + savory that comes with it…but i am definitely hooked on it! AND if you want to make it even better, my boyfriend and I love the cinnamon sugar butter for the sweet/dessert feel to it!
Another one of my favorite go-to’s lately has been, of course, my favorite salad from Panera Bread! IMG_4635I’ve been going there almost once a week since the beginning of the year I think…maybe twice a week! The salad is called, The Thai Chopped Chicken Salad– it comes with the BEST peanut sauce dressing and I love all of the mix – ins and seasoned chicken on it! Super protein packed with chicken, edamame, nuts and then the other veggies include peppers and carrots.
I definitely recommend that one if you haven’t tried it, I can’t get myself to stray away from it.
I’ve got potatoes, butternut squash, veggies and chicken about to be finished baking in the oven to prep for the week and need to get to studying for my exam…so I hope you have a great week and my workouts from this week are listed below! Don’t forget to let me know if you try any of them out and how they go (:
(ALSO! I took Friday off and Monday was my teaching day! I forgot to put that in an excel file, so I will make sure to add it to next week’s workouts!)
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