My First about me post!

Hi, I’m Nicole Chamberlin, I’m a high school student who is a health enthusiast! I want you to come to this site to see how incorporating a healthy life style leads to happiness. In this blog I will share my thoughts on different aspects in the world affected by the nutrition, fitness, and health industry. You will also see my views of different health topics, workouts, recipes, quotes, articles, and more. I aspire to be a Health coach who promotes healthy lifestyles through nutrition and fitness. I want you to know that I am not the smartest, the thinnest, the healthiest, or the strongest person you will ever meet, but I do know that having a healthy life that makes me feel confident and content in every aspect of my life. I went through many changes physically and mentally in adolescent years, but I eventually learned how to control my weight, leading to my zeal to become a Health Coach! (more on my self inspired career: my “aha moment”) I hope you gain knowledge of new things, develop better habits, and begin to see how a healthy life style is the key to happiness.

*Also, I will admit I make mistakes and gramatical errors, this blog is just for fun, so sorry if you find errors while reading!
***feel free to make suggestions on what you’d like to see! I love sharing my knowledge and finding out more to help you!

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