What is the drive that makes you want to live? Is it your family, your job, or your favorite sport? Find that one thing that makes you come alive. For example, my passion is being healthy to be happy with my life. Use your passion to motivate you to move, get active, and start a better lifestyle by workingout, eating right, and making decisions to improve your health; affecting all aspects of life. We all need some motivation to work out sometime, so I encourage you to make goals, and think of what your passions are. Those are the ones you want to live for, working out helps people live a longer, happier life because of all the great effects it provides for the body!

If working out is new for you, start going for a daily walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, parking further from buildings, push ups during commercial breaks, or bicep curls with soup cans as weights while watching the tv; little things will add up! As you progress in your fitness life, I encourage you to try new things, set goals, and work out with friends for support. A support system will encourage you to be accountable and on track to a healthier lifestyle. Knowing you have set dates and someone to impress will motivate you to go in a positive direction! If you belong to a gym, I encourage you to take up classes. My favorite include spinning (you can burn up to 600-900 calories per hour), zumba and yoga! The class environment provides a support system and makes you want to stay the entire time because everyone else is doing it.

What motivates me to stay moving while on that treadmill? I listen to fast pace music and songs that include good beats when I have a long run. Often times, I listen to music and read magazines about fitness and health at the same time..I call it TOTAL DISTRACTION; can’t see the time and the music blocks my thoughts, it works. I know what its like to be on the treadmill for an hour, feeling as if time stands still, and having another half hour to go. That’s why I make sure I have new playlists every once in a while so I don’t go crazy and give up. Studies have shown that people who listen to music work out longer, so make sure you’ve got yourself tuned in with a good track list, and get pumped up for your workout.

Here is my current playlist:

Crew Love

Not over You

Sweet Serendipity

Stereo Hearts

Country Girl

Eye of the Tiger (NEVER GETS OLD (: )

The Motto


Set Fire to the Rain

2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. People have a hard time separating passion and work…. passion works through but work lack passion!!!! keep promoting health because people forget that health leads to happiness!!!!

  2. Like the post, but disagree on one point. Eye of the Tiger can get old. Have your brother learn to play it poorly on the piano for hours… it gets old, Very, Very Old. haha!!

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