Make the Distance Easier

My favorite new shoes :) Make sure you find a shoe that fits right when running. It can maker a huge difference!
My favorite new shoes 🙂 Make sure you find a shoe that fits right when running. It can maker a huge difference!

If you asked me if I were a runner, my answer would most likely be along the lines of “no, but I like to run.” Yes, I run a lot and yes, I can run many miles not very fastbut I never do it for time and because the perfectionist in me would be upset if I would be slower than the last run or would have trouble with not seeing improvement. So, I just run for fun and do as many miles as I feel like doing depending on how I’m feeling.

Anywho, back to my real point, how did I build the endurance to casually run 5-8 miles everyday? Or actually get to the point where I enjoy running long distance because it comes easy to me? Besides practice, I made sure to incorporate interval and HIIT—high intensity interval training— to MAKE THE DISTANCE EASIER. HIIT training is also a type of workout that burns more calories and improves endurance by increasing your aerobic capacity—the amount of oxygen your body uses— while doing it for less time than a steady state workout.

Use a heart rate monitor to track how hard you’re pushing yourself! It’s my favorite fitness device!

You can do this type of training on any cardio machine or even incorporate weights with it. I do it via bike, the treadmill, the Step mill/ Stair Master, jump rope, and sometimes the rowing machine.

An example workout would be like this:

  • Warm up 5 minutes:   5.0 mph
  • slow jog 90 seconds:   4.0/4.5 mph (depending on fitness level)
  • sprint 30 seconds:        7/8/9/10 mph (depending on fitness level)
    –> and repeat the Jog and Sprint cycle 10 times
    or until you can’t go anymore.

You can play around with the times and speeds and once you get better; make sure to increase the speeds or the times so you can keep on increasing your endurance during long runs and make those easier.

Another reason why I love HIIT workouts is because I feel like it makes time go so much faster because you’re constantly changing the speed. Give it a shot and do it every other day. Doing it everyday is hard on the body, so I try not to do it back to back or just lower the speeds. I notice a tremendous difference (stronger/faster/easier) when doing long runs after incorporating HIIT workouts for a couple weeks, so I hope you find that change too!
**An awesome way to track HIIT workouts is using a heart rate monitor—I use a polar Ft40, I’ll explain more about it in a future post—because I can see how hard I’m working and make sure I’m exerting enough energy and pushing hard enough.**

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  1. I love HIIT, too, but mostly because I’m a little lazy and I find it easier than long cardio work. However, I discovered that it does make it easier. I have just recently become comfortable with three miles which is a big deal for me. Great advice!

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