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Knowing Your Body & a Life Update

Today lets start out sharing a little life update outside of training and nutrition—if you were to ask me about my summer and internship I would Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.47.41 AMsay–My internship has been way more than I could have imagined. The pharmaceutical industry is SO fascinating and I am always learning new things everyday from the process of growing cells to produce proteins (the drug) to how important documentation is in the industry. I can’t wait to share my full experience with you once I complete the internship!

My boyfriend, Adam and I are quite busy during the week with our internships (Adam is often traveling out of state for his finance internship at Cummins), but thankfully we get to spend the weekends together. Weeks have been long without him, but I think we are both having a great work experience this summer. It definitely makes the time more special when we get to catch up & share about our weeks together on the weekends. This past weekend, we went to one of the neatest restaurants that a friend recommended to me, Traders Point Creamery in Zionsville, Indiana. It’s a restaurant where all of the food and dairy products are made on the farm. The atmosphere was even better, it was a “rustic barn” setting with lighting and candles around the room. I enjoyed pork and white wine (I forget the name of it!!) & Adam enjoyed Lamb & an local beer made in Indiana. We also celebrated our 7-yeariversary this summer at another favorite of ours downtown Indy at Weber Grill!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.51.27 AMThis summer I had the experience of doing a bubble run with my mom at the State Fair Grounds this summer. It was a blast, but man those bubble walls were definitely difficult to get through because they were ten feet tall and you couldn’t even see through them! (we definitely skipped around a few after mom bumped into a fence (: ). I’m so proud of how well she’s been doing on her fitness journey. We both started Orange Theory Fitness this summer- an interval based class with strength and cardio. Definitely has been an awesome experience and she is getting so fit & leaner by the week! Over the past few years my family has joined the fitness bandwagon with me and we’ve done a few races together– the Drumstick dash is an annual event for us now, too! My parents are more fit in their 50’s than they were in their 40’s and I couldn’t be more proud. They’re my inspiration !

If you follow my Instagram account @fitnessandhealthspot, you probably have heard that I have been struggling with health issues and weight fluctuations this summer. After losing 5lbs since the summer started, I somehow have been gaining the Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.52.37 AMweight back or just maintaining my weight over the past month. Not only has my weight been affected, but I’ve dealt with irregular cycles, digestive issues, soreness, a lack of energy and more this summer. It is important to note that these symptoms are often seen when over-exercising and restricting calories. If you see these symptoms when just starting your fitness lifestyle, these symptoms maybe normal. However, my case is quite unusual because I’ve always worked out this way for years and my body is responding very different compared to how it has in the past. I’m not as concerned with my weight at this point, I just want to know how to get my body and energy back to normal before I try going into a caloric deficit again.

I’m a huge advocate of knowing when something is wrong with your body because it could be serious to your health. (note how you feel with different foods, different workouts, what causes your digestive system to get off track. If you Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.50.38 AMfeel different or are having under the weather symptoms for a period of time, it is your body telling you something is wrong!!) Therefore, I’ve decided to take this matter into my own hands and reach out to a doctor, where I hope to be getting blood tests done to find the root cause later this week. I will also be changing my meal plan to remove gluten from my diet and avoid goitrogrenic foods (mainly cruciferous vegetables that affect the thyroid from producing thyroid hormones that affect metabolism and digestion). I’ve also rearranged my workout plan to help with my energy levels during the week. My heavy leg and chest workouts are at the end of the week with HiiT training because those are harder on the CNS system and I have more recovery time to sleep on the weekend. At the beginning of the week I do light steady state cardio with upper body circuit training.

This post is getting long, so I’ll save some more tidbits next week and share more about my summer & update with my health condition! I hope you’re having a great summer and I’ll catch you next time (: 


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  1. The heat does that. Your diet should change. It’s an ongoing progress. Just prepare ahead of time before the seasons change. I’m dealing with the same

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