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There’s just something about fall that makes warm food seem so delicious! I think soup hits the spot on cold days and today is pretty chilly, so…after a productive morning of getting homework and cleaning done I decided to get some ingredients together for some vegetable soup!

The recipe includes: green beans, peas, carrots, canned tomatos, tomato juice, small cut potatoes, corn and V8 vegetable juice, celery.

In addition to the vegetables, sliced steak was put into the soup as well after being broiled!

After cooking all of the veggies and other ingredients in a crockpot for a few hours, a delicious meal was prepared!

Can you say yum!?? I always add crackers on top of my soup because I love the way they melt into the broth!

Soup with a side salad, I call that a perfect afternoon meal!

Vegetable soup is just one of my many favorites, but I really like this one because it’s low in sodium. When I eat soups that are high in sodium, I feel bloated because its holds all the water inside of you. The soup that was prepared today was relatively low in sodium with delicious veggies and protein! After this meal, I was full, warm, and satisfied because I knew I had great nutrients entering my system!

Why is soup considered good for weight loss?

Many times it is encouraged to eat soup for weight loss because soup lowers the energy density of you diet. Because most broth-based soups have a lot of water and relatively few calories in each portion, it allows you to eat more for less calories.

Debating on what tiype of soup you eat, it’s typically healthy if they are not made with heavy creams. Soups are easy to find out the store. I really like progresso soup and healthy choice soups because they are low in sodium and calories. If you get the ones with chicken, you usually have a decent amount of protein to keep you content.

There are so many different kinds of soups, and many of them provide nutritional benefits because they have vegetable and protein in them.

I hope you’re enjoying your sunday!

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