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I am so full!

I am so full! Ever look at words and think, is that really how you spell it? I just did that with full, anywho…

YES, I am so full of happiness from a wonderful break spent with
family and friends. It’s been so much fun catching up with friends who’ve been abroad, at other schools or even just busy at IU that I have not seen in a while. My Friend, Emma & I went to a pottery painting place and I painted a make-up brush holder. Gasp! Me, wearing…make up?! I know, I know…I don’t normally wear it and my incredible
dermatologist who has started reading my blog might be worried about new breakouts that make come along with it, haha. But I’ve started dabbling in it more to see what works for my skin because…this girl has an internship next summer! #woohoo

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 5.22.29 PMI am so full of traveling and entertainment that I was able to experience in Chicago with my dad this break shopping around the city, dining at delicious restaurants and seeing Carol King on Broadway! It was a blast and the theatre was gorgeous. I actually was uncertain of who she was, but all of the songs were very familiar. The actors were fantastic, and the music was amazing! We also saw the movie Creed while we were there
and I would highly recommend it. Extremely inspiring for a fitness enthusiast and all athletes or individuals with goals! (I even shed a tear or two it was so moving!)

I am so full from good food and wonderful desserts (mainly chocolate and ice cream). My favorites this break have been chocolate covered Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 5.21.26 PMpretzels, dark chocolate and white chocolate. And that chocolate mousse pie with the chocolate shavings and whipped cream…omg starting to salivate now. We even indulged in Garrett’s popcorn in Chicago! My favorite was the caramel crisp, YUMMM!

christmas date night<3 #NeverStopDating

I am so full of love from my wonderful boyfriend who treats me like a princess and gives me all the attention and support in the world. (okay, well maybe not when big games/sports are on lol- I always use that time to go to the gym or do my own thing during those times…hi babe, if you’re reading this). One of my favorite things we did this break included our Christmas Eve celebration with each of our families. Such a happy time and his family has a tradition of singing Christmas songs every year at the end of the night which is so fun to take part in! Break has been so nice being able to spend quality time together and being able to go on dates without worrying about school stress! 😀

My muscles are so full because they are filled out with all imagethe fuel and training I have been putting in over break. My lifts are always crazy good with the extra surplus of calories during Thanksgiving and Christmas break. (Maybe a bit fluffy, but today marks the first day of my 10 week cut plan to spring break  (: )

And lastly, I am so full of goals I want to complete this year and in the future! Starting off with the New Year, I am starting my cut and $25 Customized 8 Week Transformation Challenge (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!) starting on January 18th or anyone looking to get on the right track and understand how to implement flexible dieting and a training program! Don’t forget to sign up by January 16th to get your program in time!

Happy New Year to you and I hope you are filled with inspiration and love throughout this year! I look forward to writing more and sharing more memories along with motivation and tips to help you reach your own goals this year 😀

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