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HOT mistake

I finished up my homework, and headed to the kitchen to make a veggie tray. I love having the ability to reach for healthy snacks in between meals. It’s good for when I am working on a paper or other homework. There’s just something about snacking that helps me get through my work…temporary distraction, or brain food. My go to veggie dips are hummus and yogurt blended dressings.
(Bolthouse farms has great yogurt blended dressings-try ceasar or ranch- that are only 45 calories for two table spoons! They taste pretty good; however, I know some people tend to be turned off by yogurt. Athenos and sabra hummus brands are awesome, and there are a variety of flavors.!)
Today, I decided was definitely a hummus and carrots day. So as I was taking my first bite, I realized I made a HOT mistake, I grabbed the wrong type of hummus!! This was the SUPREMELY SPICY type, I meant to grab the Roasted Red Pepper type, darn! Luckily, I only mixed the spicy blend into half of the dip, so I had the other half plain. I’m a pretty big wimp when it comes to hot tasting food; however, there is a bright side to spicy foods…they rev your metabolism! Even though I knew it’d be beneficial for my health to incorporate the hot side, I decided I just couldn’t handle it.
I think hummus may be an acquired taste, but lets take a look a the health benefits of this healthy dip…

health benefits from Hummus:

-Hummus is made from chickpeas, a type of bean that includes fiber and protein. That combination right there is good to have in your diet. Fiber helps you stay full and aids digestion.
-Hummus is naturally low in sodium and has no sugar, great for dieting, high in vitamin c and iron.
-Hummus includes mono-saturated and polyunsaturated fats that help keep your brain and heart healthy.
-Hummus is a much healthier option to choose than ranch because it will make you feel more satisfied and provides many health benefits.

How can we incorporate hummus into our diet??
Besides vegetables, hummus is a good dip for crackers, flatbread, whole grain bagel chips, pretzels, and even sandwiches!


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