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Healthy & Fit Doesn’t Mean Abs

IMG_9022I love going to the gym and seeing people work hard to get stronger, build endurance and become leaner in the process; those people are fit. People who are healthy & fit have goals in the gym and in the kitchen, a fit person is someone who works hard and pushes their limits to get better physically and mentally to improve all aspects of their life. A healthy and fit person strives to get stronger and leaner, not just “skinny.”

Sometimes I get envious of the girls who are naturally really small and look cute in everything when I go into the dressing room and something doesn’t fit well because my shoulders have gotten broader and I have to get a bigger size. BUT THEN I REMEMBER: I have worked hard to become strong, I have become leaner through fitness and I have great endurance. I also know that being happy and confident in your own body is sexy.

One of the biggest pet peeves I have is when people say they want to be fit” so they can see their abs & decide to do lots of cardio and eat very little (this will slow down your metabolism & cause rapid weight gain when you eat normally again, don’t do it!!)…just so they can see their abs and it’s not healthy at all.

Did you know that (on average) you have to be under 15% body fat to see your abs for women & under 9% body fat for men? Some people are naturally lean and have abs because they have a high metabolism, but they are not “fit.” The average female has about 25-30% body fat and the average male has 18-24% body fat. Therefore, it’s not realistic for the average person to see their abs all the time unless they are naturally lean. Having a realistic perspective on health and fitness will help you stay motivated to live a healthy and fit life with achievable goals, rather than an unrealistic number.

It is important to have a balanced perspective in life, especially when living a healthy & fit life. Some days in the gym aren’t that great, some days you don’t eat well and are stressed out, some days you lay on the couch and watch Netflix all day because you don’t want to go to IMG_1398the gym. On those days, it’s important not to feel guilty because life just happens and nobody is perfect. However, on those days, think about what you’re thankful for and think about what motivates you and start over the next day. 
Keep working on your goals, everyday.
Remember: Healthy and Fit does not mean Abs.
Strive to be Strong, not Skinny.

7 thoughts on “Healthy & Fit Doesn’t Mean Abs

  1. Life happens. Thank you for your genuine perspective. After I completed my 6-pack goal last year, I made the same observation though I wasn’t sure of the percentage. It felt unhealthy. The very idea of attempting it again is deterring. Happy New Year!

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