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It’s finally time to pack up and leave for  Junior Year! Since I have everything organized and ready now, I decided that I would share my Gym Bag Essentials for a good workout are as I pack them to leave for school. All of my Gym Bag Essentials will have a link to them if you click the text and want to get one of them for yourself!

1. Adidas Gym Bag- I just ordered this from Amazon and I absolutely love it because its the perfect size; not too big and not too small. It holds all of my gym necessities and could hold extra clothes if I need to bring them with me!

IMG_98762.Polar Heart Rate Monitor- MY ALL TIME Favorite Fitness Device- I will share more about it in a later post, but I use it for all my workouts to track my calories burned and heart rate to make sure I’m working hard enough. It’s extremely beneficial for runners because it helps me keep my pace, and I know when to go faster or slower depending on how long I want to run because I know how to last if I stay in a certain heart rate zone. It was $65 on amazon and is so worth it!

IMG_98613. Quest Bars- I am in love with this protein bar brand. They’re great to eat post workout or preworkout. With: 180 calories-1 gram of sugar, 20 grams of protein and carbohydrates, 17 grams of fiber and minimal ingredients. My favorite flavors in order are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, and Double Chocolate Chunk. They’re all awesome, but those are my top three. The only downside about these is they’re a bit pricey. HOWEVER, buy them from Suppz.com and use the code Quest20 to get $5 (20%) off each box! ($20 for 12 bars). Also, GNC has buy 3 bars/boxes and get 1 free.

IMG_98454.Cellucor C4 -Pre-Workout- This is the only pre-workout I’ve ever used because I trust Cellucor‘s brand. Typically I’ll use 1/2-1 scoop on days I don’t have much energy or days I plan on lifting really heavy and it gives me a really good boost (wakeup) in the gym. It gives you a really good pump without making you bloated as well! I buy it from Costco when it’s on sale for $30 (2 packs of 30 servings)  Watermelon is my favorite flavor!

IMG_98705. Wrist Wrap- I have extremely weak wrists and they finally caught up to me this summer and I had to take a break from lifting for a week and lift lighter…until I found these-my new best friends(:! I use only one for my really weak side and sometimes both of them if I feel I need it. They’re super effective and they don’t hurt at all when I lift now!

IMG_9854Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.04.30 PM6. Whey Protein- Currently my favorite brand is Cellucor-Mint Chocolate Chip Flavor (YUM, especially when blended with almond milk-curbs my sweet tooth,too!!), I buy it from bodybuilding.com when they have the buy 2, get 1 free canisters. If I need some good quality protein for a really good price (Cheap!) , my go to is Optimum Nutrition from Amazon, my favorite flavor is the Double Rich Chocolate.

IMG_98757. Hair Ties and Head Bands- This is a given, but I really like the headbands with no slip grip on them–good ones are hard to find!

IMG_98858. Sacuony Guide Tennis Shoes- I over pronate when I run, so these are perfect stability shoes for me. They were about $100 from Dicks Sporting Goods or Amazon has them, too. The right shoe can make a huge difference in how you feel when you workout or run. I usually buy a pair every 8-10 months. (I should get them more often because of how much I use them, but they’re expensive!

IMG_98479. Blender Bottle- I always keep my blender bottle with me for after lifts to make sure I get the protein to my muscles right after I work them! I bought this one from Amazon for about $7.

10. Gum- I always have to have gum when I workout, I’m not sure exactly why. This IMG_9863brand is my favorite, so I get the big pack at Costco whenever I run out.

11. Camelbak Water Bottle- Water is so important and I drink a ton to stay hydrated throughout the day! I really like this water bottle because it doesn’t leak when it falls over because you IMG_9878squeeze it for water to come out-I’m not very careful with my items, so this is good when I toss it somewhere :)..It was $5 dollars from amazon and a lot cheaper than the other ones.

12. Ipod/phone ArmBand- I always use these armbands for my runs and IMG_9850workouts, they’re really comfortable and affordable!

13. Deoderant- Just stocked up on a couple of these for the semester, it’s just IMG_9868gym etiquette not to smell around others 😉

14. Jumprope- Jumping rope is one of my favorite forms of cardio. I like to practice my double unders because I used to be SO bad at them when i did IMG_9869
crossfit last year! Give it a shot, a great plyo and endurance builder exercise.


IMG_987315. Ibuprofen- I’m not big on using pain killers, but Ibuprofen always helps when my wrist hurts or other muscles are in pain.

IMG_988216. Chapstick- Chapstick is a must when going on a run or just in general for me.

So, those are all the essentials, I might throw in a workout towel some days for a spin class! If you have any questions about the products above or about my workouts, feel free to ask in the comments or email me!

4 thoughts on “Gym Bag Essentials

  1. Looks like my gym bag! I’m partial to non slip grip head band And I don’t go anywhere with out a ton of chap stick! I don’t carry pain killers but I do keep a bio freeze roll on and a pot of tiger balm for sore muscles. Have you tried those? The other thing I always throw in my gym bag is face cleansing cloths for post work out sweaty-ness or else I would break out too bad. This is a fun post, always motivating to love your work out bag!

  2. I am a gum chewer too!! I figured out I was a mouth breather…lol and ever since I started chewing gum, I can focus more on my running and less on my breathing and side splitters. Good tips! Thank you!

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