Gain the Freshman Fifteen, or can I Eat Clean?

As I’ve begun my second semester at Indiana University, I’ve realized there are so many misconceptions of the health of students in college life. The “Freshman Fifteen” is quite a funny myth. From dining courts to vending machines to restaurants and convenient stores, there is certainly an easy way to eat clean and healthy. So how do I do it?



1. Salad Bars- I think my favorite thing about the food courts would have to be the easy access to unlimited amounts of salad and fresh ingredients available everyday. I love making salads at home, but sometimes it takes a lot of work to get all the ingredients prepared and ready for the week. Anyways, I get a salad at least once a day and they just weigh them and you’re ready to go!

2. Convenient stores- From oatmeal, to fresh fruit, trail mixes, yogurt, healthy choice meals, hard boiled eggs, protein bars and many healthy snacks, it’s easy to always have healthy treats on hand. my go to are the nut mixes and protein bars. Also my favorite snack is the “Pirates Booty White Cheddar Popcorn,” the only downfall is that it’s addicting and easy to eat in one sitting!!

3. Vending Machines- vending machines are located in some of the dorms and have access to trail mixes and water/vitamin waters which is nice when I’m on the go…except for they can get expensive!

Great Place For Salads on Campus "Malibu Grill"
Great Place For Salads on Campus “Malibu Grill”

4. Restaurants- It’s surprising how many restaurants have vegan and healthy options on campus. For a few months I was eating vegetarian and was always looking for good tasting meals that were meatless and it was quite simple to-do.

5. Guiltless Pleasure- For those days I have a sweet tooth, I go to the C-store and pick up yogurt covered raisins or dark chocolate. There is also a red mango near by, which I have started going to on the weekends to make a greek-froyo parfait for lunch or desert. They’re so good and I feel less guilty because the greek frozen yogurt has more protein than the other flavors, so I feel more satisfied and full!

6. Microwaves and Fridges in the dorm- It’s so nice having my own fridge in the dorm. I keep yogurt, fruit, IMG_6413hummus and veggies, frozen grilled chicken and ice for smoothies/protein shakes in there. I also lovehaving a microwave to make soups, popcorn, and sweet potatoes from the store!


I thought it would be difficult to manage time for working out in college, but I’ve found it very simple! At the beginning of the semester I would wake up e aryl to go on morning runs around campus at 8am, however, as time moved forward, my body was not able to get up that early anymore and I started to do afternoon workouts. Here are some other reasons why its difficult to gain the Freshman Fifteen:
-Walking to class takes up at least an hour a day for me, sometimes 2 depending on where my classes are! Thats an easy 3-4 mile walking distance right there! And don’t forget about going to friend’s dorms or going out at night to hang with friends.

average distance everyday!

The gym: I’ve been fortunate to be part of the Fitness and Wellness LLC at Indiana University and my dorm has a gym on the first floor. Yes, I’m spoiled, but I’m very thankful for it because of the extremely cold winter we’ve been having.

Campus Gym- I’ve only been here a few times because it’s always crowded, but the gym also offers free fitness classes for students to participate in!

So HOW do you GAIN the freshman fifteen? Eating junk thats conveniently located in all of the cafeterias, c-stores, going to the ice cream shops and drinking and ordering pizza at night, or just ordering out all the time. The other guilty pleasure I have on campus is called “Baked” a cookie place that delivers. We’ve only ordered it a few times because its a bit pricy, but oh so worth it 🙂

**AND guess what’s coming up in a couple months…Spring Break!! Look forward to More healthy tips and posts! Hopefully everyone is staying warm this winter, it’s been a cold one where I am!!

8 thoughts on “Gain the Freshman Fifteen, or can I Eat Clean?

  1. Love this post! I’m first year in University & would always worry about the whole freshman fifteen haha, but tips like these help so much! 🙂

  2. Mmmmm, your salads look amazing! I just love yummy salads!! It’s great that you are so proactive about your health at such a young age. When you get to may age, you’ll be glad you were!

  3. Great post! As soon as I started to put on weight my freshman year, I changed my eating habits and started going to the gym, and the weight came back off (yay!). After that, I focused so much more on eating healthier – my roommate and I kept only fruits, veggies, and tuna fish (and a few saltines) in our room. Besides some late night pizzas and the not-so-lovely food service options, my choice back then – and now – is to try to eat what will make me feel best.

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