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Friendsgiving and Hell Week at Orange Theory

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So, I asked my friends last month if they would make the trip to Cincinnati for a Friendsgiving. And if you’re familiar with anyone ages 16-25, you’ll know it’s hard to get a full commitment until the week or so before. So I figured, maybe we’ll have about 5 people actually come over to enjoy a friendsgiving get together. I mean, some people live 4-5 hours away, so I definitely would understand if the invite was turned down. But here we are, a week out from friendsgiving and we have a total of 17 people coming to my townhome for friendsgiving in Cincinnati. Some people would be stressed, but I’m actually really excited outside of the fact of cleaning the house up & down. Maybe I’ll make a workout out of it and see how many steps I can get (:

Decorating for the holidays and being able to host & have people over is definitely the best part of having my own townhome. I was in a dilemma last month because I couldn’t decide if i wanted to have fall decor, thanksgiving decor, halloween decor or christmas decor for friendsgiving. So I chose a bit of an in between fall/thanksgiving vibe. I can’t wait to show you next week on the blog once it’s finally done! Also comment below if you think that I should put up my Christmas tree or wait until after Friendsgiving to put it up!

The only thing I’m still working on is organizing the appetizers, desserts, drinks and seating for the day! I guess that seems like a lot, lol. But it’s definitely coming together. If you have any suggestions for your favorite recipes, please share below!! My best fit/nutrition tip for holiday gatherings would be: workout the morning of your get together, drink tons of water, and fill up on veggies when hanging out and socializing. Keep your drinks light with less sugar like vodka diets, vodka sodas, or dry wines and light beers. Fill your plate up with lots of salad and then add in the carbs & meats when it’s dinner time. And when it comes to desserts, try a little of everything instead of a big portion of one thing so you don’t feel like you’re missing out (: But of course, it’s one day a year- so don’t stress out about it and enjoy your time with friends and family. I’ll do another post on this in a few weeks, but just thought I’d share the simple mentality!

Also! My fitness game has definitely been on point this week. I feel great and I have had a ton of fun at Orange Theory For “Hell Week”. The one week each year at Orange Theory where they have a specific theme for the work out right before Halloween. If you go to 5 of the 8 classes you get a t-shirt! I would be getting the t-shirt but I forgot to sign up! ): I’ll just have to borrow my mom’s every now and then and show you guys when she gets it ;). If you’re participating in Hell Week, let me know which workout has been your favorite!! Today we had a workout where we switched every minute. It was wild, we had 1 minute all out (9mph) on the treadmills, then 1 minute on the rower, and then 1 minute on the floor doing burpees or a strength exercise. 9 rounds and I will say its my most loved/hated workout I’ve done in a while. I’m the type of person who likes power workouts rather than strength because right when you’re starting to die on the current exercise, you’re about done!

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