Fall Brownies…with a twist!

I love fall, I love fudgy brownies, I love pumpkin, and I love baking! With that being said, I have a wonderful fall brecipe that you will love and not feel guilty about eating it! Sooo, you know how people typically make their brownies with the oil, eggs, and water? I decided to make them with a little twist due to the pumpkin season!

These brownies are easy to make…all you need is:

-A box of brownie mix
-15 oz of pumpkin
-1-2 tablespoons of water

All you have to do is:

1. pour the brownie mix, pumpkin and water into a bowl.
2. Mix thoroughly
3. Bake the brownies as directed according to the package!
4. After they’re done, let them cool and enjoy!

If you don’t tell people about the pumpkin, they wont even notice it’s in there! The best part about these brownies is that they’re fudgy and they’ re much healthier without the added oils.

What’s next on health advocation??

**In October/November: look forward to more healthy recipes with pumpkin this fall

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12 thoughts on “Fall Brownies…with a twist!

    1. the taste is very mild! I was worried my family may not like it, so I decided to have them try it before I told them and they didn’t notice the pumpkin!
      If you’re looking for a more pumpkin taste, i think you could try adding pumpkin spice or also more pumpkin!

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