Eat This/Not That: Ice cream!

Ice Cream has to be one of the most amazing and worst things ever invented! Most amazing-because it’s my favorite food, and worst because I always crave it when I want to eat healthy 🙂 Anyways, this EAT THIS/NOT THAT post is about fast-food ice cream treats! Always be on the look out for those sneaky calorie bombs and diet busters-some treats can go over one thousand calories! (Especially shakes and blizzard treats) My favorite low calorie options include frozen yogurt, Oreo treats over m & m or Reese’s mix-ins to cut the calories; there are better options, but a girl has to have chocolate time to time!

Dairy Queen: EAT THIS:
Dairy Queen’s Hot Fudge Sundae (Medium)
440 calories

15 g fat
9 g protein

Dairy Queen: NOT THAT:
Dairy Queen’s Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard (Medium)Dairy_Queen_Chocolate_Xtreme_Blizzard_-_Large
960 calories

45 g fat
17 g protein
100 g sugar

Dairy Queen: EAT THIS:
Chocolate Mint Dilly  Bar
240 calories

15 g fat
4 g protein
20 g sugar

Dairy Queen: NOT THAT:
Min Oreo Blizzard (Medium)images
740 calories

25 g fat
14 g protein
89 g sugar

Dairy Queen: EAT THIS:
Vanilla Cone (Small)
230 calories

7 g fat
6 g protein
19 g sugar

Dairy Queen: NOT THAT:
Plain Waffle Cone with soft serve(Small)dq-treats-wafflecone-wafflecone
420 calories

13 g fat
10 g protein
47 g sugar

Dairy Queen: EAT THIS:
Caramel Sundae (Small)
300 calories

8 g fat
6 g protein
35 g sugar

Dairy Queen: NOT THAT:
Turtle Pecan Blizzard (Medium)dq-treats-blizzards-turtle_pecan_01
1070 calories

56 g fat
17 g protein
91 g sugar
100 g sugar

Cold Stone Creamery: EAT THIS
Chocolate Frozen Yogurt (love it)
280 calories

.50 g fat
8 g protein
48g sugars
cold-stone-reveals-frozen-yogurt (1)

Cold Stone Creamery: NOT THAT:
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream (Medium)cold1 (1)
660 calories
45 fat (13 g saturated fat)

16 g protein
49 g sugar


Cold Stone Creamery: EAT THIS
Mint Yogurt (love it)
290 calories

0 g fat
5 g protein
31 g sugars

Cold Stone Creamery: NOT THAT:
IMAG0633[4]Mint Ice Cream (love it)
530 calories
30 fat (13 g saturated fat)

8 g protein
50 g sugar

Baskin Robins: EAT THIS:
OREO® Cookies ‘n Cream Ice Cream – 4 oz Scoop
280 calories

15 g fat
5g protein
27 g sugar

Baskin Robins: NOT THAT:
OREO® Layered Sundaephoto_nutrition_SN059_0
1330 calories
61 g fat

146 g sugar
14 g protein

Baskin Robins: EAT THIS:
Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate Ice Cream – 4 oz Scoop

20 g fat
8g protein
26 g sugar

Baskin Robins: NOT THAT:
Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup Below (Small)reese below
940 calories
63 g fat

73 g sugar
29 g protein

McDonalds: EAT THIS:
Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone
150 calories

4 g fat
4 g protein
18 g sugar

McDonalds: NOT THAT:
McFlurry with M&M candiesmcdonalds-McFlurry-with-MMS-Candies-12-fl-oz-cup
710 calories

25 g fat
15 g protein
97 g sugar

Wendy’s: EAT THIS:
Vanilla Frosty (Small)
280 calories

7 g fat
7 g protein
40 g sugar

Wendy’s: NOT THAT:large_caramel
Caramel Frosty Shake (Small)

650 calories

14 g fat
10 g protein
97 g sugar


If you liked this post, keep coming back to find more like this; I intend to put on more EAT THIS/NOT THAT posts because I find them entertaining and insightful to the food in fast food industries. If you’re interested in nutrition at fast food restaurants check out my post on THIS APP!


18 thoughts on “Eat This/Not That: Ice cream!

  1. I often don’t count calories whilst I am eating a treat. It’s just amazing how many calories a cup of ice-cream contains! 🙁
    Amazing post. Looking forward to more from you 🙂

    1. It is pretty crazy :/. i find frozen yogurt has the best taste and nutrition, so i love indulging at self serve froyo places 🙂 I hope you have an awesome day and am glad you enjoy the post!

  2. I saw this link today in my inbox from Eat This Not That – they always have super helpful hints! I discovered an awesome ice cream alternative at Central Market to satiate my sweet tooth – it’s a line called Savoy Sorbet. Try it in Hibiscus Flower – SO yummy and sweet and all natural, to boot!

  3. Not sure how I feel about Eat This Not That sometimes…kinda torn because I almost want to call it “Just don’t eat this at all!” HA! But I don’t want to be Debbie Downer Food Police…plus it probably helps that I’m not a huge ice cream fan. 😛

    1. completely agree. I never crave greasy fried foods, it’s always the sweet taste of ice cream. Frozen yogurt is the easiest way to get by for a “healthy version,” if you don’t load on tons of toppings 🙂 Have an awesome day!

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