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Do What You Love & Success Will Follow

If you asked me last year how school was goingor even up until a week ago, FullSizeRender-3my response would be: “it’s ok.” Or “its school.” Or if you caught me stressed, “I hate it.” My plan was to go to school and study business because IU has a phenomenal business school and the degree would provide me with a successful job. I wanted to follow this route because it was “safe” and I see how awesome my brother is doing now and have always looked up to him.

The thing is, this goal had nothing to do with my happiness, it was mainly for the prestige and stability that I would receive from achieving it. I’ve had the thought of changing my major since the beginning of last year, but I’ve been too concerned of what others would think, or if a different major would even allow me to succeed. A couple weeks ago, I finally realized that I can’t live that way or do something I don’t want to do—because I won’t be happy in the long runso I FINALLY decided to go with my gut and make some moves. 😉

I went to the school of public health and talked to an advisor about changing to the major I’ve always wanted to pursuethe Health and Fitness Specialist. The first thing she asked me was what made me make this decision? I told her fitness and health is my passion and I aspire to have my own business FullSizeRender-2someday involving wellness and I needed to finally go with my gut and leave the safe route. I think she could tell how important it was to me and she helped me figure out what I need to do next semester (take pre-reqs and pre-reqs for those prereq’s because I’m already a sophomore—eeks!). Luckily, many of the courses I’ve already taken will count for this degree! Additionally, I will continue to take a few business courses to complete two business minors—business and entrepreneurship— because I’m almost done with them anyway! This is the first time I’ve been ecstatic for any of my college classes and I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.FullSizeRender-1

Moral of the story is, life it too short to not do what you love. I believe that if you’re passionate about something and are willing to work, you will be successful. I’ve been in love with fitness/nutrition/health for years and it would be wrong for me to not pursue it because it’s my ‘thing’, when I work out I’m in my ‘element,’ when I talk about nutrition/fitness/and health you can see me ‘light up’ because it is my passion.

I know this is where I’m supposed to be.

thank you to all of those who know how important this is to me and have supported my decision and want me to be happy. <3

7 thoughts on “Do What You Love & Success Will Follow

  1. great post! i went to school for exercise physiology and i have never done anything else since graduation. i also am working on my own business within the health and fitness industry. i lack the formal business education which makes some things tough – so kudos to you for tying it all together. you will definitely succeed because you are following your passion!

  2. Nicole,so proud of you, making a “good” decision,the best for you..College or any school is an investment for life. Be “Happy” in Gaining all the “Knowledge available to you right now!!! Love you always..

      1. I was looking at your picture[prom pic] thinking] how much I miss seeing you.[as a little girl] & now.. Have Dad send your address in an email.. Take
        care ,love ,Grandma

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