Do FASTED cardio to BURN FAT

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 1.09.58 PMEver wonder what it takes for your body to tap into your fat stores to use for energy? Well, fasted cardio might be your best answer. Usually when you workout during the day, the body uses the energy and nutrients in your GI tract to provide energy for your workout because they’re readily available. But when you sleep and workout on an empty stomach–> you’re working out in a “fasted state” and because it’s been hours since you’ve had any nutrition, your insulin levels are low. Isulin inhibits lipolysis (breaking down of fat stores) by blocking the metabolic process of releasing fatty acids, but when it is low- your body can release these fatty acids to be oxidized for your fasted cardio, thus you burn more fat. (aka: PRIME TIME TO SHED THE FLUFF) However you should do fasted cardio in a moderate pace because if you increase your intensity, you body taps into your stored carbohydrates as a fuel source for a different stage of oxidation. Do it for about 30-45 minutes everyday to see results.Β My favorite fasted cardio includes: jump roping, running or spinning (I LOVE TO SPIN :] <–try it! )

I started doing fasted cardio this year because I like to get cardio out of the way early so I can focus on my lift in the afternoon, but besides burning more fat stores, I have noticed a dramatic change in my attitude and energy for the day when it is done. YES, it is HARD to get up, but once you’re UP, it just gets easier from there. When my alarm goes off, I do a couple stretches and then I get up and cant wait to start my day with fasted cardio. I feel more energized, the endorphins kick in and I have “me” time in the gym. Or if the gym isn’t open– I’m the girl jump roping in the floor’s lounge jamming to avril lavigne pandora or summer hits of the 90’s sweating like crazy. It’s become part of daily routine, my roommate probably thinks I’m crazy, but I love it because its one of my favorite parts of my day.

Do it, I promise you won’t regret it. I do advise trying to get a decent amount of sleep before hand, because that is extremely important for your health, too. If you need a little motivation to get started, try a cup of coffee before hand or just glass of water with lemon.

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7 thoughts on “Do FASTED cardio to BURN FAT

  1. I’ve given up on cardio al together as a way to loose fat. If your muscles aren’t burning sugar, MPB sets in and (next to your fat) your body starts consuming valuable muscle mass and loosing strength. Did you manage to gather information that shows lipolysis isn’t (significantly) accompanied by MPB? If so could you share it with us, together maybe with an explanation what you did to stop MPB from kicking in and hurting your muscle mass and power stats? I’ve tried cardio while on low-carb rather than fasted, but the principles seem the same, and in my case my power stats and muscle mass suffered significantly.

  2. I’ve never done this kind of cardio before, but I have heard it works great! But I am usually really hungry in the morning. How can I ignore the hunger pains while I exercise?

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