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Detour Bars!

Protein bars are one of my favorite snacks because they taste so good and leave me quite satisfied. While some people eat them for post-work out or pre-work out snacks, I like to have them to curb my hunger in between meals or for an afternoon treat that isn’t too sugary. While there are many brands out there, it’s difficult to know what type of protein bars are good and bad for you. Some of them are deceiving and can contain as much sugar and calories as a candy bar with little protein! I love trying new kinds, some of them are ideal for meal replacements when you’re on the go.
My favorite ones at the moment are DETOUR protein bars.
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Detour Bars have great flavor, 15 grams of protein, average about three grams of sugar and are only 170 calories each! If  you’re craving a candy bar, these will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide an extra protein punch without all the sugars! The lower sugar ones come in chocolate chip- tastes great, as delicious as a cookie; chocolate creamy peanut butterextremely smooth and great taste, the caramel peanut one taste just like a snickers bar-definitely a great replacement! Detour also has a neo-politan lower sugar bar, one that I have not yet tried!

Detour Protein bars also come in other flavors, but contain a little bit more sugar and calories. The ones that I think I will try are the cookie dough caramel crisp, cookies ‘n cream (yum!!), fudge almond crunch, and peanut butter chocolate crunch! These bars are labeled as lean muscles and they come with with 16 grams of protein, 190 calories and 4 grams of sugar! That’s still not too bad!

Hope you guys give these a chance and if not, share what kind of protein bars you like 🙂 I always love trying new ones!

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  1. Dang, don’t think we get this brand over here in Australia, but I might order some online for an emergency stock pile. Thanks for the product review, it’s so hard to go through brands out there that don’t use fillers, bad quality protein or extra nasties…

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