December 16-December 22

Sunday, December 16: 5 miles and arms


Monday, December 17: nothing

Tuesday,December 18: 7 miles and abs

Wednesday,December 19: nothing!

Thursday,December 20: 6 miles!

Friday,December 216 miles

Saturday, December 22: nothing

So I’m up to about 82 miles…I know, i know..I’m behind! But with finals this past week and stress creeping up about studying…it has been hard to fit in my workouts. I don’t think I’ll be able to hit my goal. But I definitely want to finish it by the end of the month. I look forward to keeping track of all my workouts of 2013 and being more productive with my time! 🙂 Hopefully we’ve all done our shopping by now…haha I wish I could say I’m done…but I have a few more to do. I hate shopping this time of year, but it’s my fault for procrastinating so long! Wishing you a healthy holiday, spend time with your friends, and indulge in sweets. It only comes once a year 🙂

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