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Cherry Banana Cheesecake Shake

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This morning I woke up and decided to make a delicious protein shake! As a health nut, I always love to make shakes to replenish my workouts, for snacks, and even meals! I’m currently hooked on a combination shown in this post made with cherries and bananas. The bananas were fresh, but I froze them when they started getting that perfect spotty brown color and the yummy tasteimage formed. The cherries are cheaper bought frozen in bulk, but I love my bananas fresh and frozen, so I usually buy them fresh and freeze them myself. I also love the fact that bananas are the cheapest fruit and provide a great nutritional bang for the body. Have you heard that eating bananas during long runs or cycling helps your endurance better than just sports performance drinks or water? I think I might have to snag a banana next time I go for a long run or enter a long distance race to snack on every other mile…

ANYWAYS…this is about my delicious protein smoothie, you should definitely give it a shot with this recipe:
Cherry Banana Cheesecake Shake
– 1 cup Silk almond milk/unsweetened (30 cal)
-2 scoops Vi Shake Mix–> best tasting shake mix I’ve ever had, not a gross whey taste, but a delicious cake batter taste. (90 cal)

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– 1/2 banana (40 cal)
-4 frozen cherries (15 cal)
-2 egg whites or 3 table spoons egg whites  (25 cal) (optional, I use them for extra protein and it makes the shake thicker!)
– 1 table spoon sugar free cheesecake pudding mix (20 cal)
-6 ice cubes

After adding all the ingredients, mix in my nifty ninja mixer for about fifteen seconds, and….it’s like dessert for breakfast!! A yummy 220 calorie treat! I have now started using the visalus body by vi shake mix when making my protein shakes. The powder is easily used in many different forms and can be used to make all sorts of delicious shakes, I never get bored with it!  My mom started the body by vi challenge to lose weight and I love using the powder for my protein shakes because it tastes like CAKE MIX! I completely understand why people join as well…the shake holds you over for hours. That’s why I like using it for breakfast when I have a long day ahead of me!If you’re interested in losing weight, looking for something to replenish your workouts, love protein shakes, looking for a great nutritional product to improve your health, contact me if you would like to talk to my mom about the challenge and get started on a journey to better health! or for faster contact click either of these links:  or mom has started to see great results from the program, I highly recommend it over any other sort of weight loss diet or muscle building program, the shakes are great!

48 thoughts on “Cherry Banana Cheesecake Shake

  1. This sounds yummy! I have just recently started out out on a fitness program. I don’t have a blender yet and I’m thinking of getting one just to make healthy shakes. But I’m not sure how important it is to drink shakes as part of my diet. I would love to hear what you think about it. 🙂

    1. shakes aren’t necessary for a healthy diet but they are a good tool for mixing supplements [protein powders/amino acids/fat burners/ect] Also be careful some smoothies have hidden calories, especially if you buy..

    2. Hi Amba! Looks like someone for to reply before I got to ya! But I completely agree with Rachel and hopefully she gave you an idea of how to incorporate shakes in your diet! If youre interested in why and how, check out the links on the post on the visalus company, their shakes provide great nutrition for someone interested in Improving their health 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

    1. Hi there! The visalus program is a nutritional company that sells body by vi shake mix with their challenge kits. The programs are to encourage athletic improvements, weight loss, and even weight gain. Click the links to check it out if you’re interested that are in the post. But if you’re looking for a non whey protein powder taste I Would recommend a dr. Oz brand, I remember that was my favorite before I started using the visalus mix in all my shakes! But I absolutely love the cake batter/ sweet cream flavor the visalus company has because I can mix it with all sorts of flavors!!

      1. Ok. I see it only has 12 grams. Not enough for me. The calorie count is great though! I’d try it, but for my bang I would need at least 20g protein per shake. I will still try your recipe, but use my powder. Thanks!!!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! This protein shake sounds amazing – love the idea of using egg whites for added protein/to thicken. And frozen bananas have to be one of my favorite healthy “treats” – they taste like ice cream!

  3. Good luck to your mom! When you are running long distances the lactic acid tends to build up in your leg muscles, causing super fun things like charlie horses in your calves. To reduce this lactic acid you can drink water to flush it out and/or eat a banana, which is a great source of potassium, and also works to flush it out.


    1. haha, bananas have been playing big part of my diet lately. especially peanut butter and banana sandwiches or alone 🙂 with such great nutrition as well. Eating healthy is not too expensive and will definitely pay off in the long run! have an awesome day 🙂

  4. I agree with you on shakes after workouts but not for snacks or meals as liquid feeding doesn’t regulate appetite so be careful with that. Also pudding packets like that often contain ingredients which aren’t natural and hidden sugars which don’t show up on the nutritional info. I’m sure its delicious and would be great every now and then but focus you diet around real food would be my advice. Good blog though.

  5. nice! whey protein shakes usually taste quite gross, you’re right.
    which one do you use?
    i usually buy PhD diet whey shakes, they taste like desserts.

    1. hi there, i completely agree with you. i use a mix called visalus shake mix, i talk about it in the post. it’s part of a nutritional program and it tastes like cake mix and goes well with all sorts of combinations. i love it!

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