Vlogging My Fit Life & What’s to Come!!

Wow, it's been a very busy summer filled with studying in Bloomington for summer classes (Courses included- entrepreneurship & management, gerontology studies, and Physiology- loved this one, such an amazing course!), teaching Bootcamp and Strength Classes as a Group Exercise Instructor at Indiana University's Student Recreational Sports Center, and enjoying many other life events (finally finished… Continue reading Vlogging My Fit Life & What’s to Come!!


Split Training, High Volume & Muscle Gain

Try high volume sets when strength training. There’s a big misconception about only getting stronger with lifting heavier weights and lower reps; however, high volume training increases the blood flow to the muscle allowing the muscle to get the pump and grow as well. When focusing on building muscle in the body, try split training-… Continue reading Split Training, High Volume & Muscle Gain

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Which “whey” and why!

One of the most important parts of creating lean muscle tissue is proper nutrition! Yes, lifting can make you stronger, however, the way you treat your muscles and body is essential to making effective progress. Therefore, consuming protein within 30 minutes ("the window of opportunity") after your lift is necessary to refueling your muscles so they… Continue reading Which “whey” and why!