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Blisters, Respect and Motivation

How is it already almost five weeks into my internship at Cook Pharmica?? I feel like it was just yesterday when I FullSizeRender-1couldn’t sleep the night before my first day because i was so nervous! I’ve been wanting to update you and share all of my thoughts and experiences, but I’ve had such little time. The VERY first thing i learned about working full time?? invest in comfortable shoes!! I wore a year old pair of heels around the first day of work where I walked close to about 10k steps touring the facility-which is almost 1 million square feet at Cook Pharmica, going to meetings, lunch, the restroom (lol like every hour because i drink so much water) and to my car is even a stretch. I had major blisters from heels by the end of the first day and then my flats rubbed against my feet because they were so stiff the next few days. That weekend I went to DSW and bought some realllllly comfy flats and I haven’t wore heels since. (even though I have a few labeled “extreme comfort” haha, i’ve not risked it yet).

HUGEEE RESPECT TO ADULTS HEREWorking full time was a big adjustment— I struggled through the first two weeks because I was going to bed at 11-12 and waking up at 6am. I work until about 4:30 everyday and then 4 days a week I go to the gym at IU to workout. By the time I get back, shower and eat dinner-it’s already 8pm.  THEN I still IMG_5485have to pack my gym bag and steam my outfit the night before to make things easier in the morning and by that time its time for bed! 11 was a bit of a stretch to get to bed, and now I get under the sheets by 9-930 and wake up about 6:15 to give myself a little bit of extra time to sleep to have energy to work and workout everyday. I do not know how parents do it- working full time and having kids is going to be very different and caffeine is going to be a necessity! I would definitely like to get my workout- out of the way in the morning at that stage of my life. but huge props to the fit parents who do it all because I don’t have to look after anyone else and find it a bit exhausting.  

It’s truly more difficult for me to get to the gym after work because I don’t always feel motivated after working all day. I think the sitting causes me to be more tired and staring at screen doesn’t help either! I was coming back to
my apartment the first few days after work and then going to the gym but found once i got home from work, I really didn’t want to go to the gym. Therefore, going straight to the gym from work prevents me from missing my workout. Another huge thing that has helped me save time is meal prep. I usually meal prep during the school year to stay on track but i feel as if i meal prep now just so i can save time and not worry about what to make when i get hungry after working out, and having something healthy prepared for lunch everyday! I meal prep with my mom each week for lunches and dinners– will definitely be sharing a Vlog on my YouTube in the future about our “gallon baggie” method! It’s fantastic to make eating healthy mindless! FullSizeRender

There’s a ton I want to share about my work life, but I will save that for my next blog.*hopefully I can get weekly or biweekly again*. In short, it is a very new subject matter that I have not had prior knowledge of and it’s been an amazing learning experience with a very
intelligent group of interns and co-workers!

And with that….it’s about bed time!! just thought i’d share I’m still alive, I just have to prioritize my time a little bit more to get more time to blog and enjoy life (:
–>Look forward in my future to hearing about the pharmaceutical/drug making aspect of the industry, what i’ve been eating at work, what I do to stay on track, an upcoming challenge and online-training plans are in the making as well!

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