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an inspiration to all

I used to check the Yahoo! News all the time, but I’ve been so caught up with school work I haven’t checked it as much! However, I was so happy that I did today, because I read one of the most inspiring stories!

This little girl was told she had a metabolism problem at a young age; and because of it, she gained more weight than a normal individual. As a fifth grader she weighed 189 pounds, and was teased/bullied about it. And she decided to do something, change to a healthy lifestyle and lost 66 pounds! She started out walking four miles a night around her neighborhood, no matter what; rain/shine/hail/snow, she and her family did it together. She does a treadmill work out for 75 minutes a day and does other sports now that she has the ability to keep up with others and the endurance to live an active lifestyle. She continues to have a healthy diet outside of her workouts, has a great support system and great determination. I hope you guys check it out.

It’s an amazing story and will definitely motivate you. If she can do it, you most definitely can, too!

CLICK HERE to see the story, or watch this to see the interview–>

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  1. Reblogged this on thruthegrey's Blog and commented:
    I remember when I was 9 & 150 lbs. The bullying was not fun. But I did not have parents that were health conscious & could help me through it. I had to fight on my own much later in life & still struggle. Good for her to have motivation & not develop an eating disorder because of this. And also good for her parents for loving her enough to change all of their habits as well

  2. Thanks for the story! I reblogged it as well… Just remembering when I was 9 & weighed 150 lbs. The bullying & lack of healthy support system drove me to more of an eating disorder. But good for her for using it as motivation!!

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