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Adventuring before Adulting

One of our favorite visitors in Bloomington, Scarlett Rae!

Man oh man! I was looking at my last few posts and realized I have to fill you in on so much that has happened in 2017. I’m going to try and keep it brief but it may turn into two posts so you can get on with your Sunday routine & enjoy the last bits of the weekend!

For starters, I definitely have put fitness on the back burner—you may have noticed that my YouTube channel has focused on many life experiences and I have decided to discontinue my Fitness Instagram. So what have I been doing instead of fitness?? Well…a whole lot of adulting AND seeing different parts of the world!!

January: I found the perfect apartment complex to move into for my adult job at Abbott Nutrition. It’s a cute little town house that is near all of my favorite things—Frozen Yogurt shops, Panera, Starbucks, Fresh Thyme, LA Fitness, Target and Barnes & Noble! I’m quite proud of my decoration skills, as I’ve never cared to make my apartments nice in college. I give most of my credit to Amazon & IKEA! Here is a full tour of my apartment on my YouTube channel:

February: February was a funny month, winter wasn’t quite the typical Midwest winter. It was relatively warm and I didn’t have to bring out my huge winter coat as much as I had in the past on campus. Adam and I went to Weber Grill for Valentine’s Day. I had the best Chardonnay from a California Vineyard and I cannot find it anywhere in stores! So I guess that just means we will have to go there more (:

March: March was a blast, we took a trip to Cocoa Beach with our friends for Spring Break. We stayed a beautiful condo steps away from the beach and had a balcony to play cards & hang out on every night. While it was slightly windy, we managed to stay warm when the Sun was out in 59-60 degree days! Coconuts Bar and Grill was our go to bar for drinks and food as it was just steps from the spot we would layout on. We even went on a casino cruise where I found I wasn’t a huge fan of gambling but enjoyed doing something new!

April: April was a month to make the most of and when I started to stray away from the gym. I realized how little time we had left of “being kids” and being able to go out on week nights and not worry about working 8-5 jobs every day. We visited the local wineries in Bloomington and Nashville (Brown County). Oliver Winery has the best blackberry wine and beautiful views that you can enjoy! That’s one place I’m definitely looking forward to visiting again when seeing Adam in Bloomington this year. See videos of the vineyard & the last bits of college here:

May: Oh my! May was the time of my life. Graduation was pretty neat being inside Assembly Hall with my peers and friends–>here is the footage from the ceremony & last days at school: . It seemed pretty unreal at the time it happened, but now I know how much I’m going to miss college and the lifestyle of only worrying about assignments and exams. After graduation…

-My Mom and I visited the most beautiful resort in Cabo, Mexico! We enjoyed gorgeous views, drinks & nachos for lunch and awesome food for dinner every night. The pictures do not do it justice, the balcony view we had was incredible, check the views and activities here:

-Christopher and I also had incredible trip in Colorado. It was my first time going to the area and we had a blast taking advantage of the mountains, events and restaurants in the area. We visited the Rocky mountains and saw elk, we got caught in the rain while hiking the Red Rocks trail, and were surprised by the level of difficulty some of the hikes in Boulder had. I loved the Mt. Sanitas trail because we were able to see great views while having a pretty challenging two hour hike. It would be amazing to just go out there and hike everyday as a workout.

–>We even participated in the BolderBoulder 10k at the end of our trip, which was absolutely fantastic. I was in slight pain from my shins and feet hurting during the run, but it was the best race I have ever ran in. The entertainment was great the entire six miles with bands, slip and slides, and support from the community. (tons of beer stations, water stations, bacon stations, dorito stations as well!) The race ended in the beautiful Colorado University Football stadium. That view itself was worth it! Check out the beautiful views in this vlog:

So as you can see, 2017 has been quite amazing to me so far. I ended the pre-adult life with a bang and am so thankful for the experiences I had with friends and family. Slightly in disbelief that it’s over still, but adulting has opened my eyes to so much since starting my career in June. I look forward to sharing more about adulting in my next one! I promise it won’t take another month to post, but I highly recommend following my YouTube channel to see more life with me as I share a video at least biweekly!

Congratulations to all of those in my same boat of graduating college & entering the real world! I wish everyone the best in the first year and future years out. It’s definitely a transition with many ups & downs & learning about yourself quickly. My time at Abbott has been very exciting so far and I look forward to sharing about it next time! Happy Sunday <3

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