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HEY! it’s me, throwing a fitness & nutrition update at ya today! So, I like to think that I’m a pretty accountable person, but the one thing I’ve been struggling with is really finding a fitness & nutrition plan that works for my lifestyle and fitness goals. I love structure and am motivated when I enjoy my workouts. I recently just tried Keto for a couple months, which WAS effective, but then I realized it just didn’t work for my lifestyle. While I loved the way I felt mentally and physically (I dropped 4lbs in the first month), it wasn’t ideal when I realized how much i missed having halo top at night or enjoying Carmel corn for a snack or even my favorite panera salad. And when I did go over my allotment of carbs with Keto, the water weight would come on fast which was disappointing and it felt like I ruined everything until I got back into Ketosis & the water weight dropped again. So I’ve decided to go back to something I had success with in my past, The 21 Day Fix.

Why am I choosing the 21 Day Fix?

    • I love something that I can follow and adhere to. The nutrition guide and the workout programs have a schedule to follow for three-eight weeks each depending on which one you choose. There are accountability groups online to do each program with and I really like the community of completing a program with other people to talk about meals and workouts with.
  • Shakeology
    • I chose to do shakeology with this program because of all the benefits it provides. I’ve honestly not done protein shakes in a while because I have had issues with digesting various brands. However, shakeology contains probiotics: digestive enzymes and chicory root fiber, flax seed and chia seeds which are helpful in aiding proper digestion. Probiotics cost me $30 a month, so knocking this cost out of my monthly budget.
    • Shakeology also substititutes for a daily vitamin, so it eliminates having to take a multivitamin.
    • Selenium is found in shakeology, a nutrient with tons of studies that helps reduce stress! Very interested in seeing if I notice a difference while using it.
    • A hundred other nutrients with various benefits and is on the top of the market for meal replacement shakes
    • Easy on the go snack or breakfast for a busy day. I’m on the road all day everyday, so this is a huge convenience to replace my breakfast and cooking in the morning!
  • Balanced Nutrition
    • I love how the program focuses on wholesome foods with individual Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 8.04.00 PM.pngcontainers that show what can go in each one. It is really easy to meal prep and make your own dinners out of the options the Fixate Guide Provides. This comes with the program and also shows different things you can substitute your contianers with. For example, 4oz of wine with your yellow carbohydrate container #yesplease
  • Beach Body On Demand
    • A new feature with the programs, you can download the Beach Body Application onto your fire stick and get access to ALL of the workouts for a year. I’m starting with the 21 day fix and then doing the 21 day fix extreme. But they also have the insanity and P90X workouts and so much more!!
    • 30 minutes in the convenience of your own home. I honestly have not been motivated to go to the gym since starting work and knowing I can get my workout done in a total of 30 minutes without taking time commuting to the gym is huge if I have a presentation or extra work to get done.
    • Strength and Cardio are both incorporated into the 21 Day fix and it has a schedule to follow for when to do what. It’s important for me to have both aspects in a program when I know how beneficial both are for you.

I’ve just completed my Day 1 with the 21 Day Fix Program and I really enjoyed how it went. I made a chocolate Shakeology shake with Peanut Butter and was so impressed. It was also super filling, which I made the mistake of having too close to breakfast (just a questbar) and felt really full. This is a good thing though, so I’m just going to have it for breakfast instead! It tasted like a reeses cup shake, so maybe I’ll switch it to more of a dessert later on. I loved my first workout, the Cardio Fix. I worked up a great sweat, which is important for me to feel like a workout lol. It went super fast and I burned close to 300 calories! I loved just being able to walk back in the kitchen for dinner and showering without having to drive to the gym 🙂

So that’s my update for now, I’ll do weekly updates, share my menus and meals &    a final review at the end of my first cycle of the 21 Day Fix. Just thought I would share my new plans, let me know if you have any questions or have any specific metrics that you would like to know about for it. Oh and will I still be doing Orange Theory? Yes, but probably only twice a week. The results will ultimately come from my nutrition, so that is the main reason I am doing it (:

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