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A New Year

1391637327_1357010859One of my favorite things about celebrating the New year is reflecting on the previous year and making new goals! Most of them are health and fitness related, while others are just goals I have for my future academically. I know many people make new years resolutions to lose weight and cut out a whole ton of junk food, but what about just aiming for a healthy lifestyle? I think it’s hard to keep new years resolutions for some people because they make such difficult goals without having a plan on how to achieve them. After a stressful first semester at school, I’ve learned one of the best things to do to reach a goal is following baby steps, rather than looking how big of a leap it will take to get there.

Instead of saying: I will lose (#) pounds this month/week/year. Try making new goals that will help you achieve that weight. Here is some of the best


advice for motivation and being accountable when it comes to losing weight and becoming healthier:

Healthy Ideas:

1. Diary- Keep track of what you eat each day, along with your daily physical activity. When it comes to food, think about the big picture and see what you’re putting inside of your body. Is it all the sweets that keep the scale from moving, or is it the bread and carbs that keep the weight on? What food makes you feel good and keeps you satisfied. If you find a certain meal kept you more full than most, take note of it & incorporate it more often. Maybe you think you eat more than you really do and deprive yourself and aren’t eating enough, or maybe its visa versa…and you eat more than you really think you do. Snacking adds up and you may find that you should cut them out or swap them for something better.

2. Once a week- weigh yourself once a week at the same time. Sometimes stepping on the scale everyday makes people frustrated and they don’t lose as much weight because they see themselves fluctuating. I find the best time is in the morning or early afternoon on a Monday morning. Do whatever you like, or maybe

IMG_3259its the friday before the weekend starts because you like to splurge on the weekend and don’t want to be upset on the Monday morning.

3. Mark it-Mark your workout on your calendar. Sometime it’s hard to squeeze in a workout, but if you

mark it in your calendar you’ll be more accountable because you have it planned in and won’t over schedule it unless its an emergency. A spin class or zumba class with a friend could keep you accountable for your workout, so mark it down!

4. Small Changes- Have you ever thought it could be the extra cookie you have for dessert keeping that extra pound on. What if you cut it out and


swapped it for yogurt or string cheese and almonds. How about some healthy fats like hummus and carrots? Click HERE for healthy snack ideas!

5. H20- Are you sure you aren’t just thirsty? Sometimes I opt for a water bottle instead of the snacks because it fills me up and I’m just bored looking for something to eat. Sound familiar? Try drinking more water to curb the hunger in between meals!

6. Prep- prepare extra veggies to have on hand when you get a snack attack. Instead of getting that chocolate during the afternoon, you’ll be more apt to reach for the veggies if they’re all cut and ready to eat in the fridge or lunch box! Make them at the beginning of the week so you won’t have to go through the hassle of making them when you’re hungry!


7. Set it Out- If you like to work out in the morning, set your shoes and clothes you want to wear for your workout right next to your bed. Half of the battle is getting dressed and getting to the gym. Once you’re there, it’s a breeze!

8. Make a Playlist- You know those songs that you love to jam out to? Put them in a playlist for your next workout. I bet it will motivate you more than silence or boring songs you don’t know playing in the gym. Look up songs on iTunes or even look up music playlists on Pinterest. I always find good ones that I forget about & delete songs I’ve listened to repeatedly.

9. Partner Up- Plan dates with friends to go to the work out club. Having someone else go with you will make you more accountable and more excited to get moving!

10. Something New- Make a plan to try a new class each week or even just one class in general. Or try and change up your running workout to a new routine. Ever try interval workouts? They’re awesome and efficient! Check out why: HERE. 

Hopefully some of these tips will help your new years resolutions off to a good start! Happy New Year everyone 🙂

24 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Great ideas! I do most of these and some are great reminders to taker up as a useful tool 🙂 Thank you and Happy New Year 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! And I agree, I always hate getting out the cutting board, and am so thankful when I have veggies on hand for my favorite dips (hummus and ranch of course) Have an awesome day!

  2. Good new year article. Planning is key. I’d also advise referring to Tim Noakes book ‘Waterlogged’ for a balanced view of H2O, too much water is dangerous.

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