A New Found Love

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I’m not big on having three huge meals, I like eating…all day 🙂 I usually have 5 mini meals of 200-300 calories each, but sometimes I  enjoy indulging in a yummy dinner. So, if you can’t tell, I love snacks and finding new healthy items to incorporate in my diet! This week I found a new favorite item at the super market….The Laughing Cow Cheese wedges!

I’ve always loved cheese sticks and cheese spreads, but I’ve not found a great tasting healthy/low calorie cheese spread brand until I came across these cute portioned packs. I would not have picked it up on my own, but after trying a sample of it this week…I fell in love with the amazing taste and texture it had!! I always like eating crackers with cream cheese or pretzels and cream cheese, but  it’s hard to portion and cream cheese has a high fat content! However, with these little triangles, it’s perfectly portioned and you can eat them without guilt because they’re only 35-50 calories depending on the

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type that you get. I tried the Creamy Swiss one, and yes-it was very creamy and I felt like I was definitely having a treat even though it was light and half the fat of regular cheese!
They also have other types that I plan on trying including regular cream cheese, garlic spread, and tomato basil! Yummy, yum-I recommend eating them with whole grain crackers, flat pretzels, and apples! You could try it on toast, and in place of your spread on bagels if you tend to overdo it on the cream cheese.

I think I might even try on cutting these little guys up and putting them into my salads*. I love adding feta and goat cheese to salads- but they aren’t always the healthiest choices…I love variety and new flavors 🙂

I definitely recommend these little guys if you’re looking something to curb your hunger during that dreaded three o’ clock hunger strike or even when you just want something to help a cheeeezzy craving 🙂 They’re also really good to take on the go– so you don’t have to take a big cheese container and worry about finding a cold place to put it when you’re done!Laughing-Cow-Cheese (1)


38 thoughts on “A New Found Love

  1. I found laughing cow last month, so good, pre portioned and you know exactly what you’re getting! I’ve tried the garlic, the paprika and the light and love them all. Glad you’ve finally found these dream wedges 🙂

    1. I like that as well, sometimes its hard to gage how much your eating when having dips, but these help you stay balanced and not to go over board. I will definitely be trying the garlic soon!

  2. Yummy post! I myself had the same discovery about these Laughing Cow cheese triangles a few months ago when I came across a recipe for an easy sweet potato quesadilla. I have so much trouble with portion control when it comes to calorie-dense food such as cheese, and although I would usually prefer minimally packaged products, I found these individually wrapped morsels of creamy goodness very helpful especially when packing lunch boxes.

    On a different note, I used to much prefer smaller portioned meals/snacks like you do, but now I’m in a 3 square meals a day phase, for the purpose of convenience with my work schedule. I don’t really hate it at the moment, in fact it is quite satisfying, but I do have a hard time on weekends when I have a lot more free time and less distractions = more time to think about food = it’s hard to eat less than usual. I’m working on it.

    1. sweet potato quesadilla, that sounds fantastic. And I know it’s difficult to find with rich foods to keep low calories, just gotta shop smart. They’re perfect for small meals. And I’m glad that you have found a new regimen for your eating routine! and i agree about the weekend thing, it’s difficult, just gotta stay busy. thanks for the response and i hope you have an awesome week.

  3. My mom got me hooked on these back when I was in high school! Super delicious and goes on almost anything.

    Never thought to put these on a salad! New inspiration, thanks!

  4. I was introduced to the small but delicious wonders of Laughing Cow when we used to live in Europe ’cause it was often served as part of a light lunch on British Airways, along with a sandwich etc. Interestingly, even though there was a sandwich, a roll was often served as well, so I used to eat the Laughing Cow spread the roll, although I prefer it with crackers. Great idea eating some nuts with it!!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I often eat laughing cow light instead of margarine or butter on my weight watchers diet plan. Yummy 🙂

  6. Anything ‘cheese’ gets a gold star in my book! It’s a great snack, and unless you go overboard, it’s a perfect guilt-less snack too! 🙂

    1. these are perfect to not go overboard because you know what you’re eating rather than diping out of a tub or a cheese ball because those can be addicting and there isn’t anything holding you back! thanks for stopping by and have a good day!

  7. They don’t sell laughing cow light here in Manila though. Do you have an idea how many calories a regular laughing cow triangle contain? Thanks!

    1. aw man, and a regular laughing cow triangle usually contains about 50 calories, i’ve only looked at a few because i typically get the light brand. so 50 isn’t too bad either!

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