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A Little Meal Prep and Pizzzaaa

This week was very relaxed for me #THANKGOODNESS, I loved it. Great down time before the stress of finals to come in FullSizeRenderand grind the last couple weeks + finish assignments out. And I have an awesome trip to Florida planned when I get out, so that makes it even better! Enjoyed a lovely date night at Scotty’s Brewhouse with my boyfriend, I had a barbecue chicken salad and he got a burger, as usual! He’s also so generous and shares his fries, or just doesn’t get mad if i steal them 😀 Since I didn’t have too much to do, I was able to really enjoy my workouts– especially cardio. I forgot how much I love it. One thing I’ve been ensuring, though, is to change it up so my body doesn’t get used to it and I have something different to look forward to. I’m not really an elliptical person, it’s kinda a lot of work when I read and don’t need the resistance training for the arms when I lift already.

IMG_4774However, I remember I used to love the ones that didn’t use arms…not certain what they’re called… but I used to do it an hour everyday in high school! My favorite
this week was incline walking…it’s a serious burn and serious sweat! It doesn’t cause much mental exhaustion either when thinking about doing it during the day (sometimes when I plan running I need a lot of mental positivity/motivation to get started–im sure some can relate, right??), where as you can slow your pace as much as you want or change the incline and get a great workout.
I ended up going home and prepping some foods for the week ahead and I IMG_4828-1seriously think I made the best meal prep ever!  Okay maybe not the “best ever” but at least the best tasting combo ever. I baked chicken and chopped potatoes with PIZZA seasoning, yes pizza, and smokey sweet barbecue seasoning and a garlic pepper seasoning I use all the time! I also added a little Parmesan with chopped tomatoes in the chicken dish and WOW it was heavenly. So I’m super stoked for my prepped dinners this week. Lunch will be made fresh with my omelet and toast w/butterstill on the toast and butter kick. Breakfast is a protein pancake, oats and coffee. Snacks will vary from raw veggies, string cheese, to snack bars- I got these cinnamon last crunch ones to eat before my workout and had one for dessert last night- so yummy and chewy- definitely a great pick! On hand I have green beans to prepare fresh if I decide to add them to any meals! Did you prep any food?? I love to hear what others do or like, I think I might try tacos or spaghetti squash next week! IMG_4815

So…I’m definitely that person who listens to a song over and over again until they get sick of it. I’m not so much embarrassed about it, but it’s a frustrating quality because I get to the point of listening to the song MY ENTIRE workout and then after a while I wont even let it play and press skip when it comes on. Therefore...every month I’m always in need of *a few* new songs lol. If you’re curious, my current songs on repeat are: Back it up/(Prince Royce ft. Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull), Don’t Let Me Down (The Chainsmokers ft. Daya) and Cheap Thrills (SIA). They’re great upbeat songs with a good tempo if you’re doing Cardio. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments so I don’t have to do too much searching 😊!
Hope you have a great week and my workouts are posted below to try out!

IMG_4848 IMG_4849 IMG_4850 IMG_4851


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