A life changing Moment

I was trying to fall asleep last night,  but I began to think about my future. Have you ever had a night where your head buzzes with new ideas? Then, you begin to think about what you have to do to accomplish those things. Or even, what you have to do in the morning to get started on those tasks. Well, it’s the story of my life, a perfectionist lifestyle. If something isn’t right, it’ll bother me until it’s fixed.

But let’s get back to my story, I’m laying in bed with ideas popping up all over in my head. I’m constantly preoccupied with what I will do in my future. I think about what career will best suit me best and what careers will provide me with a good salary. I’ve researched many jobs and have seen a few with great salaries. Business, pharmacy, dentistry, health professions;a pediatrician or endocrinologist…the list goes on and on. They all make BANK. But then I thought, would I really want to have one of those jobs? Would I want to sit at a table and count pills all day and risk being robbed at a retail store for the rest of my life? Is the six figure salary worth it? Will I be able to handle the Med School curriculum and surgical procedures to become an endocrinologist. Do I even WANT one of these jobs?

Of course the answer to all those questions is no. Then came the real question, why would I even want to consider a career that doesn’t make me happy? All of a sudden, I had an “aha moment,” a moment where your life changes greatly by a little idea. I finally realized I’ve been trying so hard to make the people around me happy, I don’t even think about my happiness. It’s mostly for my parents, they always tell me if I go into something medical or business, I will be well off when it comes to income/success and job stability.

One thing they never mentioned was my happiness. And you know what, I didn’t even worry about it because I thought money would make me happy. I realized, though, I would not be happy if I had to do something I did not like doing forty hours a week. I’ve come to conclusion that I am always trying to make someone else happy, but now I need to make myself happy. It may sound selfish, but we need to do things for ourselves everyone once in a while. I love making others happy, but If I don’t worry about my happiness, I am going to be tired and unhappy without enjoying my own life.

So that’s when I knew what I wanted to do, actually I think I have known for quite a while. I want to study Nutrition/fitness/health, and business to have my own fitness and nutrition career. Fitness and health is my passion. I believe it is important to pursue your passion because it is important to be happy with what you do. I would rather have a great job that I love to do every day than just going through the motions of a job that I dislike every day. Also, I think when you really like something and have great drive, you’ll be good at what you do and succeed in the end. I’m so thrilled to finally feel this way, but most of all; I am so excited for my future.

9 thoughts on “A life changing Moment

  1. It does not sound selfish at all. In order to serve others, you must be doing something that you love. Congrats to you! Check out my blog 🙂

  2. I can certainly relate to wanting to try and make others happy…but later on life realized that it was myself that had to be happy (funny how it takes a little time before we fully understand that concept:) You have to do what makes you happy….whether it means you’re making a six figure income or not….if you’re happy doing what you love, that is true success and it doesn’t matter what the dollar signs add up to. Good luck on your path to success!! I am sure you will do well:)

    1. thank you so much, i appreciate your response,
      and yes i agree, but once the concept is understood, those goals of happiness seem to become obtainable (:

  3. You sound like you have a much better plan than I had at your age. It took me a while (and a couple of years teaching school) to realize I needed to do what made me happy and not what someone else thought would be good for me. I still miss the summers off, but am so much happier. Good luck.

    1. thank you, sometimes I think I get too much ahead of myself; but hey, if you don’t have have goals, what do you have to live for? and I’m so glad you changed your path to become a happier you, good luck to you, thank you!

  4. I was a good 20 years older than you when I had that moment. I’m much poorer, much happier, and still looking for my path. My aha was knowing what path I didn’t want anymore 🙂 Kudos and tons of support!!

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